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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Good list.
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  2. Shame some aren’t on streaming.
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  3. I've always really liked this song.

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  4. Honestly, Top20 Kylie for me. It remains so funky, euphoric, fresh after all these decades. Popping in my new In Your Eyes UK CD1 single to hear this and Tightrope for the first time remains a peak listening experience.
  5. I’m definitely in the minority but never been much of a fan of Tightrope. Like it’s not bad or anything but i much prefer Rendezvous at Sunset out of the b-sides
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  6. I think they are both fantastic... 20th anniversary CD with bonus tracks and remixes would also be welcome.
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  7. I’ve been so busy in work the last few days that I haven’t properly thought about Fever turning 20. Fever was the first Kylie album I ever owned and the time I became a proper Kylie Stan so it’ll always be one of my favourite albums of hers for sentimental reasons.

    The first Kylie album I actually owned was a dodgy copy of Fever that my dad got from his mate at work that only played the first 15 seconds of More More More before it skipped to track 2. I literally spent years it was some sort of intro track dd
  8. I think fans @ the time were just thankful that Kylie did a slower tempo song.
    It's a good singalong chorus.
  9. Both are wonderful and should’ve been on the main album (though I guess getting two slightly different versions of “Tightrope” out of this makes it being a b-side more of-note).
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  10. Gutted that I missed out on the 20th Anniversary Vinyl of Fever! Scouring websites and hoping I find a copy, otherwise it’s trawling record shops!

    So frustrated that for an album of this quality and significance they won’t just give it a proper release!
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  11. I’m sure it will get a proper release at some point. I’m just not sure why that wasn’t now.
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  12. All of Kylie's studio albums from her various labels, need proper vinyl re pressings to be readily available I think.

    JB in Australia still has some white vinyl.
  14. This upscale is so good -

  15. I know right, when will this happen? There is clearly market for it since her fans are obsessed with collecting physicals
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  16. Exactly! No brainer to me.
  17. This Africa section of the Fever tour has not aged well.
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  18. Scarcity drives sales though.
  19. True, but still a shame.
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  20. It definitely didn't, and it also feels rather inessential. I mean, I like both Burning Up and Devil, but the tribal styling doesn't fit the Kyborg-themed rest of the show. Also, she basically says goodbye at the end of the Cybertronica act, so there's really no need for two encores.
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