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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Won't the white vinyl be readily available in November, though? Fnac is still taking pre-orders.
  2. This and the white dancers dressed as tribal Africans with their dark skinned body stockings.
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  3. Oh I agree, the Kylie parts in the video though look so good.
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  4. I agree. Don’t know why they didn’t just make that section a fire theme.
  5. I had forgotten that horror. They really did that?
  6. I remember preferring the US Fever cover at the time because she looked so beautiful on the photo, however in retrospect the official Fever cover is absolutely iconic.
  7. The US cover, is indeed beautiful though to be fair:
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  8. They did and it is horrible to watch. A real blight on an otherwise amazing show.
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  9. I think I might prefer it. She’s just absolutely stunning. And the Minogue Brow is in full effect.
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  10. Gotta love the Minogue Brow.
  11. I don't really like the US Fever cover. It's a great shot but isn't distinctive enough for a cover.

    The official cover is incredible though.
  12. The official cover is forever ingrained on my mind. The definition of iconic.
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  13. The official cover is the dictionary definition of iconic, but I get why they went with a different cover for the US. She was -- for the majority of Americans -- an unknown so a more direct image of her face made sense.
  14. Completing the triple of iconic Fever covers - no other artist has come close.

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  15. Yeah, the whole limited release of all these vinyls is pretty frustrating. I’ve never managed to get any copies of any of them, they go on sale and if you’re not online at that very time they’re gone.
  16. Very nice too.
  17. I actually had the album cover as a poster back then, I probably still have it in my attic somewhere.

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  18. This has show up on streaming last year.
    I think this is the second time a rarity has shown up on streaming through these type of compilations - hopefully Sparks will appear someday too.
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  19. Damn
    This track is not available in your country.
  20. Yes thou I do remember going into Tower Records (RIP) on Sunset and being surprised at the different cover. Thankfully when I went to NY, my favorite store Rebel Rebel (RIP) had the UK version.
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