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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. If I was a product manager at one of those label catologue divisions I absolutely would be sneaking in all my faves b-sides and misc tracks through the back door with these compilations.
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  2. You can buy previous vinyl re-releases on and at competitive prices.
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  3. And Heartstrings and Mighty Rivers!
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  4. Love Go Hard Or Go Home, great B-side!
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  5. Currently playing this underrated album before work:

    So many strong songs here and a very enjoyable listen. Now far away from it's "campaign" in 2014, it's even more easier and enjoyable to listen too.
  6. I know, for all the hate - this album does have some good songs. If Only, Feels so Good, Kiss Me Once (although I would love to hear a less noisy version of it) - I even like Million Miles.
  7. I definitely agree that separated from its campaign, the album is a lot more enjoyable. At the time, Kiss Me Once was a collection of missed opportunities and much more exciting avenues that were flirted with but not completely embraced. However, I find myself enjoying a majority of Kiss Me Once. The only tracks that I'd rather never listen to again are "Beautiful," "Mr President" and "Sexy Love."
  8. I was listening to Steve Anderson on the Unsung Heroes podcast and he said they delivered a 12 track album to Deconstruction for Impossible Princess, before BMG tweaked it and brought the manics in.

    Was the original tracklisting (in some form) ever revealed?
  9. This was the tracklisting pre Manics
    • Impossible Princess [later retitled 'Dreams' and included on the album]
    • (All Right) Now [remains unreleased]
    • You're The One [remains unreleased but leaked onto the Internet]
    • Looking Down On Me [remains unreleased]
    • Love Takes Over Me [released as a b-side]
    • Drunk [included on album]
    • Cowboy Style [included on album]
    • Did It Again (Clever Girl) [included on album]
    • Stay With You [remains unreleased]
    • Take Me With You [leaked then later released]
    • Stay This Way [leaked then later released]
    • Free [not confirmed to have been recorded but performed live]
    • Miles [remains unreleased]
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  10. Thank god for the Manics. I love their songs with KM.
  11. I’ve always liked the album despite its singles, but I do wish they went bold with releasing a triple disc mood affair that they alluded to existing. “Mr President” and “Les Sex” remain my favorite tracks off Kiss Me Once.

    I would rather have had “Take Me With You” and “Love Takes Over Me” on the album than either of the Manic contributions.
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  12. SBK


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  16. I’m thankful for the tinkering that saw Limbo and Breathe included.

    Also, unless the unreleased songs are bangers this is not the strongest collection of songs for an album. Stay This Way is something different for fans to listen to but doesn't belong on any album. Same as Take Me With You.
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  17. Yes, at the time, it did seem to be a case of "what if", even more so after Kylie had signed to Rocnation. But take that aside and on it's own as an album, it does stand up quite well.
  18. It’s being reported that she’s moving back to Australia after spending a lot of time during pandemic there.
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  19. #brexitmeansbrexit
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