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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. #brexitmeansbrexit
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  2. Yes I saw that too.
    I could never see Kylie living back here permanently, I could see her living between London & Melbourne though.
  3. My unpopular opinion of the day: Kiss Me Once is actually my favorite Kylie album.
    Bonus take: Beautiful is its only bad song.
  4. What's your Top 3 from Kiss me Once?

    Mine would be:
    If only
    Feels so good
    Million Miles
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  5. Kiss Me Once
    Into the Blue
    Feels So Good or Sexercize, depending on the day
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  6. I love the Into the Blue video.
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  7. Into The Blue
    Sleeping With The Enemy
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  8. If Only
    Into the Blue

    With special mentions to Sparks, which is probably my favourite from the era overall, and Waiting For the Sun, one of her finest unreleased tracks.
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  9. I’m with you 100%! It was the last time she had a budget for production - the songs just sound ‘fuller’ than anything she’s done since. For all their faults with how they handled her, Rocnation definitely didn’t scrimp with studio costs
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  10. Just shows that you can spend a lot of money recording but it can still sound soul-less and devoid of character.
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  11. Absolutely, her heart wasn’t in it
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  12. If Only (top 10 Kylie album track)
    Les Sex

    Into the Blue is one of my least favourite Kylie songs. It sounds like a focus group wrote it
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  15. Kiss Me Once wasn’t even phoned in, it was faxed in. There are songs I should technically love (Feels So Good, Kiss Me Once, Fine) but nothing on the album can withstand the layers and layers of (over) production.

    It reminds me of those big blingy wedding cakes that are made of polystyrene. It might look okay from a distance but it’s inedible (for me anyway).
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  16. • "Feels So Good,"
    • "Golden Boy,"
    • "If Only."

    Basically, I'd like Kylie to record an album with Ariel Rechtshaid.
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  17. Million Miles
    Les Sex
    I Was Gonna Cancel
    Feels so Good
    If Only
    Kiss Me Once
    Golden Boy
    Sleeping with the Enemy
    Waiting for the Sun
    Into the Blue

    would have made a great album.
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  18. Kiss Me Once is absolutely brilliant. It's Roc Nation and Parlophone that are shit.

    (But we don't talk about Beautiful or Sexy Love)...
  19. I never understood why Roc Nation always gets the blame for the failure of Kiss Me Once. Roc Nation linked Kylie up with interesting and new collaborators and secured her several lucrative sponsorships and judging roles. They did their job.
  20. I almost feel sad Kylie has decided to go back to australia even if it were her homecountry, it almost feels like a retirement plan that she is settling back into her hometown again whereby its london where her career is. I feel a bit dramatic saying that but not by much.
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