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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I wouldn't go that far. Lockdown has probably changed her perspective on things and she seems to want to be closer to her family. Perhaps she'll keep the London home as a vacation destination.
  2. You've also got to think Kylie's parents are getting older now, lockdown just gave her the push to go back home for a while to spend quality time. She loves working so London will always be her base.
  3. I feel like London will always be Kylie's go-to place. I live in Australia now but when I lived in the UK her presence was definitely felt there more so than over here.

    I mean she's obviously still loved here, but she's absolutely established herself in the UK. I don't see it as a sign of her retiring at all.
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  4. Is this actually happening or is this just information we’re getting from a Euro-hating British tabloid?

    Her BMG deal is in the UK so I can’t see it happening. I can see her spending more time in Australia but that’s not even an easy possibility given that they don’t have an open border yet.
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  5. If she’s moving back to Australia won’t that make touring next year a bit more difficult?
  6. Yes, this past 18 months has put things even more into perspective am sure.
  7. The move could take years to happen?
  8. New single dropped… A Second To Midnight.
  9. She’s confirmed in an Australian interview that she’s already moved!
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  10. Didn't know that! That was quick. Fair play to her.
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  11. We stan a decisive queen. #Minexit
  12. I will say having been to Melbourne a few years ago, I did love the place. And is a place I could easily call home (Sydney too) and if I had the chance I would (at usual times) happily live there.
    Oz and the UK are both so blessed to have an amazing woman such as Kylie of which she can call her home. Neither of us deserve her.
  13. For an Prosecco drinkers in Australia, this is now available in Aust.

    Her 6th wine to be made available in Aust.

    Kylie - with her money - she could happily live anywhere.
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  14. Queen just wants to be with her family, somewhere sunny, maybe buy a farm and chill. A lot of people I know who could afford the move have left the UK the past few years and gone back to their countries (as Brexiters told them dd) for many reasons. Kylie knows best.
  15. But I have bought all her records so get a say on where she lives.
  16. This article from The Standard is super cute.

    For gay Londoners, Kylie Minogue has been the capital’s walking fairy-dust — its joy valve

    After 30 years in the capital, Kylie Minogue is packing up her Knightsbridge penthouse and moving back to her native Australia. Paul Flynn reflects on the indelible mark she left on London’s gay scene

    During her three London decades here, Kylie has become emblematic of the city’s habit for locating its inner camp and letting its hair down. She is living proof of London’s instinctive knack for unlocking the best version of yourself, should you be open and curious enough to let it. Kylie has been London’s pre-eminent club kid, fashion plate, gay heroine, resident cabaret diva and most eligible bachelorette, often all at once. She is the happiness in the room. The innocent Minogue who landed has alchemised into an imported Joanna Lumley or Helen Mirren in waiting, one of the city’s unequivocal people’s Dames. It’s oddly unimaginable to think of the city without her in it, sashaying up and down the Kings Road.
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  17. End of an era.
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  18. Doesn’t she own like 30 properties in various countries?

    I doubt basing herself in Australia will have any tangible impact on her career in the long run, so it's kind of a non story.
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  19. Definitely not. Her career is just as strong as ever.
    And too be fair (I think) she does have an official dual citizenship with both Oz and the UK. So to echo your point, a bit of a non story. Haha
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