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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Lost Without You is going to be on all her tours from now on, right?
  2. I would really like Kylie to work with producers she hasnt worked with before, from australia, from brazil? ITs a global village after all, lets change things up and work with talented musicians from all around the world rather than just London, London has a great music scene but there are many more talented individuals out there, surprise us Kylie.
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  3. Just popping in to say that What Kind Of Fool remains a flawless pop song!
  4. This store seems to have plenty of the white Fever vinyl in stock!

  5. My silver Fever vinyl just arrived at my door. Why did I think this wasn’t coming until February? What a lovely surprise.
  6. We should be so lucky.
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  7. Omg please post pics if you can! I wanna see what kind of silver it is haha
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  8. Have you been able to order from them? I see Disco in the preorders but not Fever. Has it sold out or are they waiting until 15th?
  9. Oh sorry, I didn't actually check to see if I could actually order it, as I already had a copy preordered from another store. Perhaps they were only showing that their stock had arrived, but might already have sold out on preorders.
  10. I hope not. I had seen their site previously and contacted them for a preorder. They said once they know their allocation, they will be in touch. Not heard a thing.
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  11. The relief coursing through my veins!
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  12. Hope my silver vinyl turns up ok, ordered on the 1st and all bought and paid for. No dispatch email yet though. Is it Friday it's out offically?
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  13. I have been working on a new remix of Shocked for a while now - quite a difficult one as the tempo and delivery seems to change between verses which is unusual for SAW songs and their use of so many machines in the studio - anyway here is the result - a new piano and bass track PLUS Ms Jazzi P's raps in full. Enjoy!

  14. Perhaps needs some work on the timings. The timing of the vocals don’t match the beat and feels disjointed. Quite like your instrumentation though. Keep it up!
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  15. Thanks for your does go a bit off track mid way through verse 2 and then carries on. I will go back to it - as I think the mix has potential but no idea how the speed between a verse changes so much via a Hit Factory production - very unusual! But for now my head is mashed :-)
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  16. I added a glimpse of it to my stories:

    It looks as silver (grey, really) as Gaga’s original Chromatica vinyl, but it’s far more see-through when held up to the light. I think it’s stunning, but it definitely doesn’t have the shine of a silver item (which I’m not entirely sure is even possible on vinyl).
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  17. Thanks for sharing! Gayness in paper and vinyl form.
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  18. I’d love to see her work with some more Australians.

    But I do think Kylie is quite international in the people she records with. Sky Adams is German, Teemu is Finnish and Cottone is in the US.
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  19. Well maybe spending more time in Aust, she will.
    I'd be curious to see Kylie collab with Cut Copy (Melbourne), PNAU (Sydney/LA), Cub Sport (Brisbane), The Presets (Sydney).

    She's not done much in Australia, these two I can think of:

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