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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I could watch this show over and over again. The Deconstruction moments remain the best bit of it for me.
  2. Appreciate it.


    The way I had to really hunch down for this photo just so we both fit in the Blackberry frame.
  3. Appreciating xx
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  4. What’s it like when life peaks?
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  5. I envy anyone experiencing the 'Fever' tour for the first time. Possibly my favourite pop show ever.

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  6. Fever is a curious example of a massive album with only four singles, and I used to wonder why they stopped before five, but with distance and more knowledge about the workings of things it bothers me less:

    - "Can't Get You Out of My Head" essentially used up two single release slots in the album campaign, which meant "In Your Eyes" came out a couple of months later than first pencilled in, at the point when they'd have originally been gearing up to start the third single pre-release. That would logically have placed original plan single #4 around summer 2002 and original plan single #5 around the time when "Come Into My World" came out.
    - It's sort of telling that there's a bigger gap than you'd expect between "Love at First Sight" and its follow up. Had they stuck to the original likely slots then the first four singles would have been album and tour promo, the fifth single was promo for the tour DVD/Q4 activity. If there's one thing I've noticed in the last twenty years, it's that Kylie rarely lets a Christmas pass without new product (unless there's something significant due out in Q1)
    - "Come Into My World" not going top 3 probably put the kibosh on a fifth single, in case it missed the top ten and ruined a perfect singles run for the record.
    - Kylie was fucking knackered. Presuming that she jumped straight from tour into recording into promotion and back again - not including the odd week off here and there, it's very likely Kylie didn't have an extended break from before "Spinning Around" came out until late into 2002.
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  7. Yes, sometimes it's best to stop at your peak, the Fever era ending after 4 singles which all went top 10, felt right I think.
  8. I feel a 5th single could have gone top 10. It just needed a good remix and maybe a new b side or two. Seeing as Harmony and Never spoken got released here they had the material.
  9. SBK


    Love Affair as a 5th single would have given given album its second wind and we'd be talking about it today in the same way we talk about Head being a monster hit... maybe not but it is cruelly under appreciated
  10. I'd have loved Fever as a single, a bit beefed up.
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  11. The samples that they use in the Fever tour are just next level. Massive Attack’s Teardrop fused with Put Yourself In My Place, Underworld’s Push Upstairs for Limbo. Genius.

    After a bit of a dull period I do think we’re starting to see Steve Anderson do interesting arrangements with Kylie again, with the Bowie version or Slow and the Donna Summer version of Slow.
  12. SBK


    Same. Though the singles we got were great, the album could have had at least 6.
  13. Mr.Arroz

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    Fever really was her tightest era. When we talk about nearly-flawless album campaigns, it's definitely one of them.
  14. In hindsight I'm glad that it was only 4 singles because I think In Your Eyes and particularly Come Into My World would have felt even more forgotten in the long run if there was a 5th single.
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  16. I always imagined a Max Martin Britney style remix of it.
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  17. The best of all 4 singles for me. Great video too.
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  18. For me one of Fever highlights

    I remember being amazed that this was used in the Kylie episode of that MTV Becoming spin-off hosted by Christina Milian, when the three Kylie wannabe contestants had to sing and dance an excerpt of it, since it wasn't a single and the US general public knowledge of Kylie material was pretty much confined to Loco-Motion and CGYOOMH.
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  19. Midweeks
    9 (RE) Fever
    2,925 copies sold
  20. Wow, that's really not bad at all!!!
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