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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I want to hear every damn song recorded for this album!
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  2. Okay but I am now DEMANDING a release of You're the One, or at least an HQ rip. That awful version we have is not it.
  3. So we can recreate 90% of the original album between the special edition album, singles, and Hits+ . I sincerely hope someone can convince Kylie to release a rarities compilation and that “You’re The One” is on it.
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  4. Any idea what yesterdays midweeks were for fever
  5. No 15.
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  6. I'm spinning my Rhythm of Love vinyl on this sunny afternoon for the first time in ages and it's sounding glorious. Also, can we talk about how stunning she looks in all the artwork? In the photos on the beach she looks like a 60's film star. Just gorgeous.
  7. Plays like it’s scratched to ribbons and it isn’t. Apparently they have run out of stock they have reserved for faults. They’ve offered a 25% discount.
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  8. I have complicated feelings about Fever. The era and singles run is about as perfect as it could be and should be put in some kind of big pop girl era museum, but the album isn't quite consistent enough for me.
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  9. And that's all cassettes and vinyl.
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  10. Some article somewhere once was speaking about outlandish Kylie electro songs that prove she is a proper dance queen and I took this from it

    Do You Dare
    GBI (German Bold Italic)
    Too Far
    Mr President

    and was really surprised about what she actually did. Any more not so obvious suggestions of her really going into electronic music?
  11. Listening to my Fever vinyl and although I loved the original Come Into My World pre-single release, I always felt the single version gave it more of a punch, but I also miss that light synth intro before it all kicks in.
    Are we happy the album version was replaced indefinitely with the single version?
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  12. So hopefully with it being 25 years next year we can get a full remastered package and vinyl release with all the unheard tracks?
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  14. No.
  15. This was my opinion for the longest time as well until I heard the album being played front-to-back out loud on some speakers (I’m more of a headphones music listener). The album really came to life for me.
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  16. Mines was exactly the same, although the vinyl itself seems to have been smeared or something when it was pressed which I think is the cause. I ended up just taking the 25% discount rather than sending it back because god knows when I’d be able to repurchase it and I’m happy to have the artwork but it’s a damn shame nonetheless.
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  17. SBK


    The single version has been in every version since later pressings of the album in 2001 anyway. As cool as it is to have an album version out there, it had been erased from existence long before the vinyl pressing.
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  18. Yeah mine has the same smearing on it … that is absolutely disgraceful! What a middle finger to the fans

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