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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Continuing with some mixes I have been working on here is a gem of a song that sadly never got past demo stage it seems but deserved so much more.....My house-piano-late80s-influenced take on (Everything) I Know from the Ultimate Kylie sessions! Damn its a good song!

  2. Long may it continue!
  3. It really is a joy to see Kylie's work ethic. Lucky fans we certainly are.
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  5. The crowd look horrendous!
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  6. It was never Madonna’s. Earth Kitt’s version is still the most popular.
  7. In my world it was. ;) My point is, Madonna's version was the most recent until Kylie's...I used to play on rotation every Christmas since 87. That and Whitney's Do You Hear what I Hear. Also, Kylie's version is now more popular than Eartha's in terms of streaming.
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  8. Yeah for us 80s kids Santa Baby was Madonna's since the A Very Special Christmas LP. And Kylie definitely swooped in and claimed it. Deserved cause she put it on a b-side during Crimbo and also performed it on TV.

    Eartha will always be legend.
  9. I'm not a child of the 80s, so I've never associated "Santa Baby" with Madonna. It is interesting how Kylie's version has somehow become the modern quintessential version though.

    The "Santa Baby" Wikipedia page is hilarious though:
  10. I was born at the beginning of the 80s, and until I opened this thread two minutes ago, I had no idea the Madonna version existed.

    The Buble version makes my entire body cringe, so I can't imagine hers is any worse.
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  11. I sort of hate Santa Baby for all its many incarnations but it is funny how the Kylie version seems the most well-known these days.
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  12. "Santa Buddy" is nightmare inducing, tbh.
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  13. I HATE the way Buble sings just after the melody. Just sing the song the way it's meant to be sang for fucks sake, man.
  14. Not a Buble fan full stop, so couldn't agree with this more!
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  15. This seems to be streaming a lot more now, maybe just down to a higher percentage of people streaming in general now but I remember it taking forever to hit 100 million which doesn’t seem that long ago now.
  16. Madonna's version of 'Santa Baby' is more cheeky, almost like Nikki Finn (icon) is singing it, Kylie's version is more flirty. I still prefer Madonna's version.
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  17. Eartha Kitt doesn’t deserve this erasure! Even in the US, Madonna’s version is played more often than the original!

    Eartha’s is the definitive version, it’s both camp and sexy. Kylie is just sexy. Madonna is just camp (Buble is just diabolical).
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  18. I don't know how anyone can listen to Kylie's version and not think it's camp.
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  19. Santa Baby is a dire song in any incarnation.
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