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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. So, did Ludacris actually write and record a rap for "Chocolate" and it isn't some cut and paste job?
  2. Ludacris's verse is amazing, but I guess it was too sexually explicit for Kylie? I wouldn't have minded it if she kept, but I think Chocolate is so beautiful and magical solo.

    Well, at the end of his verse he says something like, "Down with Kylie Minogue," rhyming Minogue with Control. A lot of his verse had words that rhymed with Kylie.
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  3. He does namedrop her in the verse, which makes it hard for me to believe that it's a cut and paste job. Also, I remember the rumor about her working with him around the time that Body Language came out.
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  4. From what I recall, the Ludacris rap was written for Chocolate (hence the final line, “in the crib now with Kylie Minogue”), but it was then repurposed and used in another released track with the words slightly altered.
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  5. Yeah, he recycled the verse for The-Dream's "Rockin' That Thang (Remix)," which is largely the same—the only difference that I noticed is that it cuts the mention of Kylie.

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  6. I still think as much as it's a strong album track, Chocolate was the wrong single choice for single #3. Secret or Obsession would have been my picks.
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  7. I love that Chocolate was a single because it was such a bizarre choice, gave us THAT video and still went top 10 in the UK.
  8. HMD


    I remember when I got the album as a teen after loving Slow on the first listen. I always assumed Secret would be the second single. It felt so obvious to me back then...

    I was very surprised when Red Blooded Woman was released. Though I’ve always thought it’s very good I didn’t see it coming at all.
  9. I'm kind of surprised to read this. I thought that "Red Blooded Woman" was an obvious choice for Single No. 2 after hearing it performed during Money Can't Buy.

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  10. Obsession, yes!
  11. This is a great little performance. That early 90s choreo always make me laugh.

    What was the thinking behind Give Me A Little More Time? Was it course correction after Word Is Out flopped? I understand why they'd choose a cover but why one that was SO different to the album. Surely there was a better option?
  12. It reached number 2, so it was good option.
  13. It really was an obvious single. With the Bardot style they were going for it would have worked so well. And I'm guessing it was considered as it was a promo single.

    My guess is they wanted something that was "American" sounding.
  14. Secret and Obsession felt like Singles 3 and 4 mainly because of popping off at Money Can't Buy.
  15. I'd have loved Secret to have more samples from 'I wonder if I take you home' on a single version. But I think she'd have been ripped by the press for the rapping had she released it.
  16. Despite me loathing Kylie's rapping on "Secret (Take You Home)," surprisingly very few reviews mentioned the rap negatively—or positively. The only real mention that I found was in The Guardian's review of Body Language:
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  17. Lazy journalists. As a single it absolutely would have attracted more attention.
  18. On first listen of Body Language Chocolate was always the stand out for me and I was so happy it became a single, but perhaps in hindsight, even though it’s my favourite song on Body Language it wasnt the most commercial single. I always thought Promises, Secret and Still Standing we’re the most catchy and commercial songs on there.
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  19. Body Language is such a brilliant album, but I'm so curious to hear the tracks left on the cutting room floor. Attention Seeker, Body Language (title track), and You're the One (HQ) are my holy Kylie grails!
  20. I truly never heard the bit in Secret as a "rap." She's sassily talking more than anything.
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