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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. It absolutely was single worthy. A standout for me from the album.
  2. I have good news for all of you: Secret was a single.

    A promo single.

    In Taiwan.
  3. I listened to Body Language in full this morning on the journey from home to the cinema and I do think it has a certain timeless quality to it which is serving it well. At worst I could say the second half loses something/meanders a bit that perhaps a big bop like "Cruise Control" slotted in around the track 10 point would have reigned in.
  4. Any other fans of this remix?

    It's amazing and used to go off in the club. It always made me wish Kylie had dipped her toe into the trance sound.
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  5. While i love Body language, i’ve never really enjoyed Secret, to me it sounds unfinished and bland.
  6. With all due respect that is exactly how I feel about the entire second half of Body Language. I struggle to remember a single thing about anything after Chocolate. Secret (Take You Home) is the only well produced banger on the album for me. A few more of those would have helped it enormously.
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  7. An edit of this epic remix would have made it even more single worthy. I know it was considered and deemed too risky but WHAT. A. SONG.

    Incredible to think the same woman who recorded I Should Be So Lucky 10 years before produced this! (No shade to Lucky as I love that too but the songs couldn’t be further apart in sound).
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  8. Anyone else think RuPaul has ripped off Real Groove with the new track Catwalk?
  9. I have a feeling the missing bop is Colour My Life - Biff, we need it!
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  10. Ive always thought that Obsession had a lot of promise but sounds unfinished. And I have no idea what anyone was thinking when they created I Feel For You. Absolutely diabolical!
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  11. Obsession might be my favorite these days, or jointly such with Red Blooded Woman, but I agree. The "obsession is a dangerous state of mind" hook seems like it should show up earlier in the song.
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  12. Red Blooded Woman is objectively a bop but it doesn’t feel like a Kylie song. More like Kylie having a go at a Britney track. Not that it stops me bopping when I’m drunk.
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  13. Looking for something on Body Language that feels like a Kylie song is a losing battle.
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  14. Body Language is in my top 3 Kylie albums as it is, but I also love this playlist, too:
    1. Slow
    2. Still Standing
    3. Secret (Take You Home)
    4. Promises
    5. Sweet Music
    6. Red Blooded Woman
    7. Chocolate
    8. Cruise Control
    9. Almost a Lover
    10. Soul on Fire
    11. You Make Me Feel
    12. Slow Motion
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  15. 19 years on, and Body Language STILL feels like the album that splits Kylie fans the most.
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  16. Every track on Body Language has the classic Kylie DNA running through it. It is a Kylie album done through a different lens, just like any of her albums that aren't typical dance/pop (KM94, Golden etc) With all the bonus tracks and b0sides there are more than enough of everything. Just rejig the order a bit and it is bulletproof. It's perfectly produced, her vocals are for the most part on point, the lyrics are pretty decent.
    Nothing not to love.
  17. I wouldn’t change a thing about Body Language except maybe replace After Dark with Slo(w) Motion, but I’ve learned to appreciate its languid yet anticipatory energy through the years. We kinda deserve an anniversary edition with all the b-sides, unreleased songs and 200 extra photos in the booklet
  18. I so want deluxe re issues of all of Kylie's Parlophone albums. Not to mention vinyl re issues, which are all readily available as well.
  19. Red Blooded Woman, eh?

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