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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Oh my god, you are so right! It’s a direct lift of the melody. It’s shameless!
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  2. Haha I just did the same thing and listened to it and it totally is! Ru is a huge Kylie fan, he spoken about her a lot on his podcast and even tweeted how much he loved Disco when it came out.
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  3. He needs to get La Kylie on Drag Race Down Under Season 2 complete with a Night Of 1000 Kylies runway and a Kylie lip sync if he wants anyone to watch that spin off ever again!
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  4. I’m still in shock there wasn’t a night of 1000 Kylies on the first season, I just assumed, especially when she was announced as a guest that was a given! Seems strange when they did Madonna and Michelle on the US version and did Celine on the Canadian version. To be fair they’d need something, I didn’t even manage to ever finish Drag Race Down Under season 1…
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  5. So how would everyone drag up for Night Of A Thousand Kylies?


  6. Good call! Iconic look but not too obvious. I’ve never really thought about it but maybe one of her Fever era award ceremony outfits. The white Head catsuit would definitely be the Nothing Really Matters kimono of the show so that’s a definite no no. The 2 Hearts video look is a pretty iconic look too but not very brand Kylie…
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  7. For me it would have to be this outfit:

    It’s probably my favourite ever Kylie look. She looked so fucking cool with the architectural details and that slicked back bop.
  8. I'd go as Kyborg, or in the Hand on Your Heart video dress and have it tear away into each of the colours.
  9. In theory, I'd love to serve one of the Jean Paul Gaultier couture looks from KYLIEX2008, but in reality, I'd probably go for a gold cowl neck halter top and gold hotpants a la the "Spinning Around" MV.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. This!
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  12. Put Yourself In My Place astronaut suit that you strip out of gradually on the runway.
  13. I second this, @Vasilios.
  14. Why choose just one?
  15. this is fun, I’d maybe go as
    and have the hat blow off as I get to the end of the runway (somehow)
  16. [​IMG]
  17. This would be me:
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  18. Only one look for me


    Street walker realness.
  19. Maybe there’s hope for #K35 ! A new book!
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