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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. If true, than I already want! Love books like these, all about the music.
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  2. Condragulations, you are the winner of this week’s challenge.
  3. Her 35 biggest hits? Aren't most of these stories well known even beyond the fandom by now? She should talk about the not so successful stuff, I feel like that'd be way more interesting.

    So basically a book about Impossible Princess and Kiss Me Once.
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  4. Manifesting a chapter of What Kind of Fool where she says she’s come round to the song in recent years!
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  5. True, but guess for 35 she's always going to be celebrating the more well known and successful stuff.
  6. That book sounds like it could be fantastic - I tend to prefer those sorts of reads that go in deep about an artist's work than the typical celeb autobiography.

    As an aside, the tweet mentions her 35-year career, but I'm not sure it's limited to 35 songs, so hopefully she'll be touching on some deep cuts.
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  7. Is it an "official" release, or just one of those discography Wikipedia books?
  8. Can't wait to hear about the charity-shop golden hot pants again!
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  9. Kylie can remember part of the Let's Get To It era after all it seems, hurrah!
  10. It's unsurprising that she'd dedicate a post to "Give Me Just A Little More Time" given that it was the only representation that Let's Get To It got on Ultimate Kylie and the original Step Back In Time and it was the album's biggest single in the UK.
  11. The only thing from her most forgotten era she'd ever mention I suspect.
  12. She shows love to "Finer Feelings" from time to time as well.
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  13. Which was cruelly snubbed of Step Back In Time too alas.
  14. I'll never understand how it missed the 3CD version of Step Back In Time. "Finer Feelings" outperformed "Word Is Out," "What Kind Of Fool" and "Celebration" on the charts in the UK and has also been performed by Kylie within the last two decades—something that can't be said about a large portion of her PWL discography.
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  15. It would be interesting if the book has a chapter for the passed songs like "Toxic"
  16. Yes, that was truly most odd, especially she seems to prefer it to those PWL singles as mentioned.
  17. I’d love a book like the Pet Shop Boys’ Catalogue where they discuss every album/single cover, video and tour. William Baker had a lot of interesting fashion anecdotes in La La La and it’d be great to expand that to all her visual output. She’s worked with some of the coolest photographers, video directors and designers of the past 30 years, from Mert & Marcus to Michel Gondry to Michael Nash Associates. I want to know everything about the Come Into My World video, the K star staircase on KylieFever2002, the weird Body Language album cover…
  18. Oh. My. God. This is my wet dream, but every single. On Steve Andersons podcast when he was in conversation with Johnny Douglas he mentioned doing an interview for a Kylie book about her songs, this must be it! Also, it doesn’t actually say anywhere in that tweet about only having 35 songs, so there’s hope, I’d love every single discussed.
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  19. The more material mentioned, the merrier! Looking forward to this.
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