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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Still madness was never an UK single I think.
  2. Interesting that it’s now likely one of her best known songs due to the number of times it’s been performed live plus the (gay) pop clubs/nights keeping it in rotation for the nostalgia. Parlophone made some odd decisions right from the get go despite a few solid campaigns. Light Years could easily have spawned another single or 2 especially if you discounts K*ds as a Robbie single as I do anyway :-)
  3. I love Please Stay, but no reason why that couldn't have been single #4 and then this single #5 like a few other lucky places got.
  4. Yes Please Stay is fine. Is it top tier Kylie - no BUT it’s not a bad track and I really enjoyed it live during the initial Showgirl tour.
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  5. Those were the weird years Parlo (and other majors) were embarrassed of female pop stars' gay fanbase and wanted to court the Q Magazine readers / 'credible' fans (yeah I know!) so of course they didn't release Disco.
  6. Truly weird times indeed by the sounds of it!
  7. Your disco was doomed as soon as the Almighty remix was the b side of On a night like this. It was huge in the clubs. I heard it more than the A side.
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  8. 'Your Disco Needs You' wasn't released as they believed it was "too gay", Kylie in turn made the most camp music video (at that point) of her career with 'Please Stay'.
  9. The videos for Your Disco Needs You were some of the worst visuals ever committed to tape. Bloody hell, it made I Should Be So Lucky look like Casablanca in comparison.
  10. Is this a different book?


  11. Found a version of the zoomed in preview, I wonder if the QR codes will link to the track in Spotify or something else? Or if this is just the makings of a really eager fan.
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  12. The tweet says: "her biggest hits and albums".
    I would be a dream come true if she'd discuss EVERY track, but the book would have 500 pages and more ! I'm fine with biggest hits and every album. Even if the last chapter would be: "anti tour" with beloved songs that weren't hits
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  13. Actual homophobia.
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  14. While Parlophone were scared that Your Disco Needs You was "too gay", this was the era when Geri Halliwell had #1s with Bag It Up and It's Raining Men, and Martine McCutcheon had a big hit with On The Radio, a Donna Summer cover. I'm pretty sure Your Disco Needs You would have been a UK #1, I used to hear it everywhere back in my clubbing days, and now it's always a highlight of Kylie's concerts. I love that it has taken on a life of it's own despite being overlooked as a single at the time.
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  15. That's unauthorized.
  16. I thought I should make this reply here, because I'm veering away from Disco!

    Body Language

    (1st Entry: 23/11/2003) 06-15-27-36-39-41-69-74-81-89-94-82-76-76-73-41-28-41-47-68-100-120-160-out [23w]
    (2nd Entry: 23/05/2004) 186-132-116-124-100-94-113-122-97-133-159-198-199-97-103-132-148-out [17w]
    (3rd Entry: 02/01/2005) 54-58-49-60-94-out [5w]

    41 = the week Red Blooded Woman entered at #5
    113 = the week Chocolate entered at #6 (oops at it falling back out of the Top 100 in that week!)

    Weeks in the Top 100 is a fairer comparison for Enjoy Yourself, given that 101-200 positions weren't published back then:

    #01, 85w - Fever
    #01, 68w - Kylie
    #04, 44w - Ultimate Kylie
    #02, 39w - Light Years
    #01, 34w - Enjoy Yourself
    #01, 32w - Aphrodite
    #06, 30w - Body Language
    #04, 29w - X
    #01, 27w - Golden
    #09, 23w - Rhythm of Love
    #01, 20w - Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection
    #04, 20w - Kylie Minogue
    #01, 17w - Disco
    #20, 13w - Greatest Hits 87-92
    #02, 12w - The Abbey Road Sessions
    #02, 12w - Kiss Me Once
    #12, 12w - Kylie Christmas
    #15, 12w - Let's Get to It
    #01, 11w - Greatest Hits
    #11, 06w - The Best of Kylie Minogue
    #07, 05w - Showgirl: Homecoming Live
    #10, 05w - Impossible Princess
    #28, 02w - Boombox: The Remix Album (2000-2008)
    #41, 02w - Hits +
    #23, 01w - Golden: Live in Concert
    #26, 01w - Kiss Me Once: Live at the SSE Hydro
    #37, 01w - Kylie: The Albums 2000-2010
    #63, 01w - Mixes
    #72, 01w - Aphrodite Les Folies: Live in London

    And Top 40 weeks! -

    #01, 63w - Kylie
    #01, 50w - Fever
    #01, 21w - Enjoy Yourself
    #04, 19w - X
    #01, 15w - Aphrodite
    #09, 15w - Rhythm of Love
    #04, 14w - Ultimate Kylie
    #02, 13w - Light Years
    #01, 11w - Golden
    #01, 10w - Disco
    #01, 09w - Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection
    #02, 09w - The Abbey Road Sessions
    #01, 07w - Greatest Hits
    #06, 06w - Body Language
    #12, 06w - Kylie Christmas
    #20, 06w - Greatest Hits 87-92
    #02, 05w - Kiss Me Once
    #04, 05w - Kylie Minogue
    #07, 03w - Showgirl: Homecoming Live
    #15, 03w - Let's Get to It
    #10, 02w - Impossible Princess
    #11, 02w - The Best of Kylie Minogue
    #23, 01w - Golden: Live in Concert
    #26, 01w - Kiss Me Once: Live at the SSE Hydro
    #28, 01w - Boombox: The Remix Album (2000-2008)
    #37, 01w - Kylie: The Albums 2000-2010
  17. What was the reason for Body Language re entering the top 50 in 2005?
  18. I'd imagine it was heavily discounted in post-Christmas sales, maybe even part of an offer with Ultimate Kylie or something?
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  19. Still can't get over that initial chart run for Body Language.
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