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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Into The Blue is by far Kylie's best lead single post-Slow and that's that.
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  2. Oh gurl please
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  3. I've always wondered how "Skirt" would've performed if it had had the label support of a lead single instead of being an attempt at a viral moment or whatever.
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  4. Badly. You needed radio back then and radio wouldn’t play that.
  5. "Skirt" isn't a million miles away from Rihanna's "Right Now," which got a reasonable amount of radio play. I feel like there were other tracks around that time that also had a similar harder dance sound.
  6. Yes by undeniable radio forces but not from acts like Kylie who radio was abandoning at the time. She was doomed basically and Blue was a safe bet (that didn’t work),
  7. The writing was on the wall for Kylie when Radio 1 posted on Twitter whether they should playlist Timebomb, and then never did. The turnaround was surprisingly quick given how All the Lovers was A Listed for weeks and was a massive hit.
  8. All The Lovers was the exception rather than the rule. She wasn't going to last much longer on radio 1 because of her age and fact she wasn't all that cool anymore anyway. It happened to be a summery song released during a lovely summery time in the UK so more people would request it. It didn't happen any quicker to her than it did other female acts, Radio 1 are extremely fickle and will drop an artist by the next single.
    By 2014 she was pretty much doomed either way so I'd rather she just went for it and put out the less commercial sounding songs.
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  9. Skirt goes OFF and that is that on that. I won’t stand for the slander!

    The Keiino cover of On A Night Like This missed the raw sensuality of the original in favour of a more dance orientated flavour- but you know I really like it. I could do without the cheesy male spoken bits in the middle 8- but it’s a cute bop that I’ll “use” again.
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  10. Radio 1 Logan's Run'd her.
  11. Not bad.

    what other cover versions of Kylie’s songs would you all recommend?
  12. 2014 was a dark year anyway.
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  13. Mr President and Sleeping with the Enemy are just top tier smashes.....who decided to keep them out? Sia? That woman made me so upset at the time.

    I can just visulaise Mr President being performed on tour in front of a capacity crowd.
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  14. Skirt and the Kylie + Garibay EPs (and If Only and Feel So Good and Kiss Me Once) are the best things she did on Parlophone after the Fever singles run and that's a hill I WILL die on.

    I have a real soft spot for the KMO era.
  15. It was most likely the middle aged white men at Parlophone.
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  16. I walked into Walmart and heard "A Second to Midnight", and then I went to Mark's Work Wearhouse and heard "Real Groove" (the original, not the version with Dua Lipa). So it was a good day today.

    Get those Canadian chain store royalties, Kylie.
  17. Skirt has always felt like a poor relation to all her other singles in that period. Not least because the artwork misspells her name and no-one's ever bothered to correct it. At least they spelled 'Skirt' correctly,

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  18. I hear Kylie at Loblaws quite a lot. Maybe Galen West has some redeeming qualities.
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  19. Dutch TV shows like The Masked Singer and The Voice (produced by the same company) often use instrumental parts of Kylie's songs when participants / artists are introduced. We stan the gay intern!!
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