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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Haaaarold!
  2. Oh yeah!
    Forgot about that!
    Maybe a dream sequence, like they did with Bouncer!!
  3. Kylie remixed by Peggy Gou, consider me scalped!
  4. I love that Magnum is responding to the more catty comments.
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  5. Another Head remix ddd.
  6. Why a new CGYOOMH remix ? It's not a CGYOOMH anniversary, nor Fever anniversary. She's not releasing a new album before some months and I don't think she's releasing a new GH collection... maybe a new remix collection?
  7. Because it's for a Magnum ad campaign and they naturally picked her biggest hit for it?
  8. Peggy Gou is exactly the type of artist she should be working with in 2022. I’m all for this remix.
  9. Wow, how random. But cool.
  10. It’s a high profile gap fill between album campaigns that keeps her name out there and builds on her profile with people who probably don’t listen to her stuff. And who knows, maybe it’s a good segway for what is to come.
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  11. Brilliant collaboration. On the business front, but also musically - Peggy has so much respect as an artist and DJ, it’s going to be cool to see this blow up over the summer. Reimagined video looks cool too. Roll on Cannes!
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  12. On Peggy’s Insta story you see some behind the scenes footage of her learning the dance. So looks like there’s some money behind this.
  13. This is true.
  14. I'd rather it was a Cornetto, Magnums are hideous.

  15. Sounds like its been put through a 1990s filter like a Gina G bop. I'm here for it.
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  16. Really interested to hear this. Would be great if it had a similar success to Cold Heart. Probably not but can always wish.
  17. NOT my three worlds (Kylie, Peggy, Algida) colliding? I won.
  18. I’m guessing we can expect Kylie at Cannes next week?
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