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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Using the font / logo of every single was iconic though?
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  2. Mvnl

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    Yeah it's the lack of Timebomb and the very random choices (Celebration??? Give Me Just A Little More Time?) for me. A one-disc Greatest Hits of hers is always gonna feel a bit disjointed (cause the SAW sound stands out so much between everything that came afterwards) but there's been better tracklists for the kind of compilations some labels churn out to cash in long after an artist has been dropped.
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  3. Wasn't the reason Celebration / Give Me Just A Little More Time were easier to licence from PWL being covers? The latter was a huge hit too.
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  4. Happy birthday to Kylie!
  5. The best thing about that release was the back cover!
  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    There probably was a reason for it, and Celebration obviously gets the casuals going but already felt like a 'will this do?' filler on its original Greatest Hits. I'm not even sure what I'd replace them with (Hand On Your Heart and Especially For You maybe?) A new song to make it feel more like an era might have helped, even if just Timebomb. As it was it feels like it was just.. not it?
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  7. How have I just noticed Hand On Your Heart and Especially for You aren't on a Kylie GREATEST HITS album?! I brought the album to help struggling artist Kylie Minogue, but I kept going back to Ultimate Kylie.
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  8. On a single CD?
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  9. It has been done before. It all depends on the length of the tracks.
  10. This is beyond basic, but looking at the helvetica (?) typeface from that GH used across the entire Light Years era gets me so fucking wet.
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  11. Anyone else enjoying Song By Song?
  12. Yeah, one of the reasons the compilation was so bad was because PWL hiked up the prices of licensing songs. They knew this would be their last real chance at making money on the tracks because Kylie would get the license to them in a few years' time, so they tried to rinse Parlophone for what it was worth. Locomotion, Give Me Just a Little More Time and Tears On My Pillow were all covers, so they didn't have to go through PWL to get the tracks.

    Thank god we have Step Back in Time! Let me listen to it again in celebration of Miss Minogue's birthday.
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  13. She wouldn't fit 25 of her hits onto 1 CD. They would all need to be 3 minutes or under.
  14. 2 Discs so should have been issued for The Best Of Kylie Minogue. As rightfully already pointed out @HEARTCORE , thank goodness for Step Back In Time! It's only odd admission there was Finer Feelings.
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  15. I’d imagine all of this to be true, but then why choose Never Too Late over What Do I HaveTo Do/Shocked/Step Back In Time/Hand On Your Heart?
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  16. Happy birthday to the goddess Min!
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  17. That was the oddest thing-and to end the album with it too!
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  18. Here is a little list I made on twitter

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  19. Was the cheaper song probably.
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  20. It was Kylie’s 368th greatest hits collection. I don’t know why anyone cared about it at all nn.
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