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Kylie Minogue - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. She's radiant, she's glowing.
  2. She sounds amazing. Proves that all you need is a great backing band and really good sound engineers.
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  3. Yeah, I hesitated about even posting that. I don't follow him myself but someone retweeted it and I thought it was a interesting bit of info.

  4. She's jumping on stage for other artists but we need your stage for your tour Min!!!
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  5. And a voice.
  6. Ugh, just stunning. She's everything.
  7. I'm quite shocked at the high amount of plugs she got in the US for the wine? Make that her next album campaign challenge, challenge.
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  8. There's something so warm and lovely about Kylie and Chris' friendship. They clearly adore each other and have massive respect for one another too.
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  9. Yes!
    And they have been turning up to each other's gigs for years

    Love seeing them perform Where the Wild Roses Grow together

    (40:10 mins)
  10. Were any of you at Kylie's Cafe Carlyle gig? That's a random one. I can't say I ever expected Kylie to be playing the longtime home of Elaine Stritch.
  11. Some clips from the Cafe Carlyle performance.

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  12. So pleased she sang Spinning Around and a snippet of Love at First Sight too!
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  13. Disco Symphony is nestled in the deluxe track listing of Robbie’s forthcoming (orchestral hits) album.
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  14. Robbie singing it you'd think?
  15. They may be saving the Kylie/Robbie reunion hype for further down the line.
  16. It's been so long since Disco Symphony was first teased, I'd forgotten it even exists!
  17. She’s on the reworking of Kids, so I assume she’ll also be on Disco Symphony.
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  18. She is? Didn't know that-take it with new vocals then too.
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  19. [​IMG]

    I remember Kylie praising Parachutes around the Light Years era so it's nice they support each other all these years later. Now we need a live performance with both of them of 'Every Day's Like Christmas'!
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