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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Waiting 4 The Sun and Voodoo are both in the top 5 of Kylie's unreleased and that's the real tea.
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  2. Just sit back and enjoy this witchery
  3. I don't think she's ever discussed it, but from what I understand from a variety of insiders, Terry was pretty savvy with this stuff and negotiated 25 year terms for Kylie to regain rights to her material for all of her deals. There is talk that for the Parlophone material that could actually be less than 25 years.

    Again, it's only hearsay and it will depend on the original agreements with the writers/producers, but apparently, the deal for Kylie to own her music includes all recordings, released or not, that are owned by Parlophone.

    One of the ones that most definitely should stay in the vaults.
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  4. No one quite knows what happened, it's been hinted at they had a huge fall out involving people and money the first fall out was after showgirl when they parted ways william wanted more money and terry wasn't budging and the Xmas shows were the last hurrah before the true fallout , the headless tory has hinted at things but didn't want to give it away , but they are supposedly friendly now
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  5. He seemed to be doing everything for Kylie in those final years. He's credited as the creator, director and designer of the Aphrodite tour, as well as doing the photography and styling for Kylie. And their output together just got gradually worse.

    A new team and not a one-man-band was urgently needed for Kylie.
  6. Seeing all the love for Waiting for the Sun is so wholesome for me, I honestly think it is lead single material and at worst would have performed similarly to Into the Blue, which is a nice song, but a totally washed-out and generalised beige version of the "classic Kylie" sound she had made multiple times in much better ways.

    The Headless Tory also hinted that even though he was credited everywhere, as Juango said, with Kiss Me Once and the Christmas album he was doing everything in a very half-assed way, and he was more concerned with using his photographer position to strangely follow a model on trips around the world.

    I agree with Juango that Kylie needed a change in her creative team, and I think the quality has definitely increased. Baker usually had pretty good ideas but the execution was always very cheap and pedestrian, e.g. the white-background Christmas photoshoot and the polyester rocks in the Aphrodite one ddd.

    Also, I think Kylie simple doesn't want to be someone a gay man can play dress-up on. In the last couple of years, whenever someone mentioned the Aphrodite Les Folies tour to her, her only comment would be how heavy those costumes were. I know some people attribute everything to budget, and I'm sure that also plays an important role, but I also think that the number one reason we don't see Kylie wearing huge performance pieces on stage anymore is because she doesn't want to go down that route again; she wants to be more human-like on stage. Just imagine what Baker would do with an album like Golden... probably have her sing A Lifetime To Repair sitting on a hay bale dressed in a Shania Twain pastiche dress and surrounded with half-naked cowboys. Would that be iconic? Sure ddd, but instead, we got a tour which focuses on Kylie only and tells a whole story through various scenes and characters, and most importantly, which she was credited for as a creative director for the first time. I think that's a win.
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  7. Kylie needs to do a "Under the radar" type of releases in between albums maybe, so much unreleased songs.
    "X" Tour Editions should have included final versions of "Ruffle my Feathers", "Flower" and "That's Why They Write love Songs" and not just a bunch of remixes.
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  8. It's been around online for over 20 years. Not sure if it was a bootleg or unreleased from the IP Remix album.
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  9. Sounds bootleg to these ears.
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  10. The version of 'Voodoo' we have isn't the final mix, it was built by a fan from the Pro Tools stems.
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  11. I didn’t know this… kind of makes sense now you mention it though
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  12. I like Voodoo but it does feel like it’s jumping on a bandwagon of other artists sounds, I could hear Rita Ora doing it. It’s definitely different for Kylie!
  13. I think the instrumental pops but the vocal version is just flat. I presume both were made using the stems?
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  14. Voodoo is a total bop, I would have loved a properly finished/mastered release.
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  15. Did Sky Ferreira have some kind of involvement with Voodoo, or am I making that up?
  16. Just her shelved material curse.
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  17. I just saw those “rumours”, but she really should call James Ford back for more. And SG Lewis (I’m not giving up on that one).

    I know those BMG babes check this site ♡
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  18. No, there were lots of rumours about it, but she had no hand in the track.
  19. Currently playing Kiss Me Once and I will always stand by it's one of her strongest and consistent albums all the way through, it just flows together so well.
  20. It was like X but better.... still a bit all over the place but nowhere near as messy.

    A wasted opportunity to not use Ariel more - the lead single is a weak, watered-down version of ‘classic Kylie’. For what it’s worth, I would have chosen If Only as the lead, possibly followed by Sleeping With The Enemy.
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