Kylie Minogue - Golden

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The Australian pop star sent social media abuzz last week when she posted a picture of a microphone with the caption: “So yeah…this is happening.”

“I can’t believe what a stir that caused! Yes, I’m back in the studio,” said the “Spinning Around” singer, who is rumored to be working with Italian producer Giorgio Moroder, though she wouldn’t confirm if she has laid down any tracks.

“I might have something already, but it’s always exciting with an album just thinking where to go. I signed with a new record label. Everything feels very fresh and new, and a great energy around this project,” Minogue said.

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I feel her last few albums haven't had that passion she norMalloy has . They seem like cheap , quickly made albums . Come on Kylie Sassee......make a decent album or retire
I'm so excited about this even though I have no idea what to expect. I hope I finally get to see her live this time after having missed three previous tours for various reasons.
So is the new management rumour true? The clues seemed to suggest a new manager may already be in place (hopefully).

Just looking at Kylie's manager Twitter, she retweeted every Kylie interview/article the moment it came out,or a day after at the latest. She didn't retweet anything Kylie related since 17th December.

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