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I'm not going to lie and say I don't love the pop version we've heard of One Last Kiss. But are you sure Golden would have done so well if it was another dance/pop Kylie by Numbers album? We had that with Kiss Me Once and look how that turned out.
On no, am glad we got Golden as it was. Fantastic album. And now perhaps my favourite ever by her.
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I love Golden the way that it is- it’s her best work since Light Years and it creatively energised her in a way we haven’t seen in such a long time. One Last Kiss is one of my favourites from the album (today anyway- it changes a lot) but I would kill to hear a full version of the original take on the song. It sounds great.
I love the production on the verse of the original One Last Kiss but the chorus sounds odd. I don't think it would have ended up sounding like that in any case. Maybe it would have been better than the Golden version, who knows?

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I always liked One Last Kiss and Love. They get too much bad press here.

Love is amazing! I tend to skip One Last Kiss and Live A Little. It's not that I don't like them, they just feel plonked in the middle of a really cohesive 10 track album with four (flawless) bonus tracks tacked onto the end. When I listen to Golden I hear...

Side A - Dancing, Stop Me From Falling, Golden, A Lifetime to Repair, Sincerely Yours

Side B - Shelby '68, Radio On, Love, Raining Glitter, Music's Too Sad Without You

The other songs (which are just as strong) feel kind of... shoehorned in? If I ruled the world, I'd split Golden over two discs/sequences. I'd put the ten tracks above on disc one and One Last Kiss, Live A Little, Lost Without You, Every Little Part of Me (those four songs sit together perfectly), Rollin' and Low Blow on disc two to give them room to breathe... not as bonus tracks but as their own thing...

I'm not usually one for telling people how their album should sound but in the case of Golden the cognitive dissonance is real!
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Colour My Life is really good. I find it bizarre that it wasn't used when it even had the added credibility of the Fatboy Slim connection. Very cool song.

The Fatboy Slim demo is called Rock Me and was from the early Golden sessions, Biff played it in a IG story...
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