Kylie Minogue - Golden

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I'd like mega pop personally. No kooky for the sake of being kooky. I didn't like it on the first Garibay project. As long as the lyrics are really considered and there's some great album tracks. I feel like we are about to go into a period of escapism in pop music again. Kylie works best as an antidote to the woes of the world. Glitter bomb me kween.
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I have no idea what I want from Kylie. I'm pretty sure I'll like it though when it comes out. I'm happy with aspects of ALL her albums so I'm not worried in the slightest and I couldn't tell you what specific direction I think she should go in.

If Kiss Me Once was released by a twenty-something ex-Mickey Mouse club star it would have been everywhere. There may be songs you don't like on it, but it's a good album with some fantastic songs. Some rehashes, some formulaic but regardless of that it's all good music. Except Beautiful.
Count me in on the Beautiful loving too. I think its the Kylie-vocorder that most object too, but I think it adds to what is otherwise a simple (but beautiful) song. I wish it had been single 2 as planned.
I wouldn't say it shite, but she'll probably never do that again, she said in interviews it was a difficult time she'll probably never go back to.
Yeah we're never going to get Impossible Princess 2.0, it was very much specific to that period of her career. She doesn't need to prove herself as a "serious" artist again. Though the Kylie + Garibay stuff and recent interviews are indicating that she could be going for a more introspective release for KM14, at least in comparison to her last 3 albums.
Whether anybody on here liked it or not, Beautiful was a missed opportunity, I think it would have been a hit if given a proper release. It went top 30 on Australian iTunes off the back of an advert for the Voice - something none of the other songs from KMO did in Oz, despite the promotion.
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