Kylie Minogue - Golden

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I'm a mess! Music's Too Sad is hauntingly beautiful. This really is shaping up to becoming one of, if not the best album of Kylie's career. I am finding it hard to fault anything.

I can't wait for the 12x12 book, the BTS of the shoot looks amazing.

I'd like to hold off until Friday from anything else new, but I don't know if I'll have the willpower at this stage.

@biff stannard I'm SUPER excited to hear Shelby '68 and adore what's been released so far so if you think Lost Without You is even better, well, I might actually implode.
Positive review from the Metro.
Kylie Minogue — Golden
(BMG) ★★★★✩
KYLIE has decided it’s time she channel her inner cowgirl, 30 years and 14 albums down. Recorded mainly in Nashville, after Minogue’s split from her former fiancé Joshua Sasse, Golden is synth-pop meets country — and the ‘Dolly Parton on the dancefloor’ vibe is perfectly suited to the resilient princess of pop, who has always been a dab hand at reinvention.

Golden’s sound is subtle rather than try-hard or overblown, and, in contrast to her massive pop hits, there’s also an intimate authenticity to its songs — she co-wrote every song here, something she has not done since the 1997 album Impossible Princess.

Title track Golden mixes slinky spaghetti western with Balearic club pop, building towards a massive, melodic chorus. A Lifetime To Repair, featuring honest lyrics about being ‘broken-hearted way too soon’, rollicks along with a fast-paced, bittersweet lick. Sincerely Yours is an addictive sugar rush with a slick belter of a pop chorus.

Shelby ’68 mixes swoony Americana pop and a dreamy narrative about the appeal of bad boys — ‘know you’re gonna break my heart/when I get in your car’ — in a way that recalls moments from Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. Live A Little is a snappy, happy ode to moving on and moving up, while Raining Glitter is a disco-country thumper about the glorious, redemptive power of the dance-floor.

While Golden tracks are not likely to dominate the charts, there is plenty of cute, classy and unusually personal pop for fans to love. Kylie Minogue in 2018 — less impossible princess, more indomitable cowgirl.

Love this. ^

I'll probably get tarred and feathered round these parts for admitting that although I've loved Kylie since I was in single digits, I've never found her to be an effective balladeer. But between this gorgeousness and Radio On (assuming the studio recording is as good as the live performances of that one), I'll happily eat crow.

Is there one EP on the album responsible for the overall sound? I'm so delighted with how relaxed and at ease her voice sounds on everything we've heard. It seems it's easy for well intentioned producers to make Kylie's vocals too nasal or too shrill or too chirpy, but she sounds so grounded and assured on everything we've heard from Golden thus far while still sounding authentically "Kylie". What a great era this is turning out to be.
She sounds good on musics too sad, but I can’t help but feel it’s a boring song. Sounds more like a bonus track or b-side to me. Everything else has been way better based on the singles and live performances.
What is this obsession UK media has with her marital status?

It's really silly, but I also think it's great there is an example of a positive and confident woman who has chosen not to marry or have children without the always-associated pity or regret with this sort of thing. It's very tired and Kylie is a lot more than that, but there are worse things she could be than someone who has carved a non-traditional life without apologies. The world needs more people like her.
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