Kylie Minogue - Golden

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Two more day's, can't believe the days almost here already.

I wish I had your willpower! I always start with good intentions of listening to nothing to enhance the album experience, but curiosity always gets the better of me. I wish I had saved Raining Glitter for album day!
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I swear I listened to the majority of her discography today while off work and doing various errands. I’m beyond perched for this now.
Nothing. That's the problem.

Hello. Im so excited for Friday. Do me a favour and let me know what you think about the bonus track 'Lost Without You' on Friday. It's not one of mine but it's my favourite of all the new songs. Infact, I think its one of MIns best songs ever. Im such a fanboy still lol. B x

This turning out to be one of the main tracks I keep seeing people mention once they've listened to the whole thing.
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