Kylie Minogue - Golden

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I know I might be hybrid but I really don’t like Beyonce music (nor Rihanna) and I love soul music, just never connect to hers so don’t really get how she can sell her records. Same thing happens with our Italian multi selling Laura Pausini, just can’t connect to her music concept. But you can give me any Diana Ross song or Whitney Houston and it clicks.
Beside that...

This is very "I'm not racist, my best friend's black".
If beyonce is tidal exclusive, Kylie will be fine. Everyone will be illegally downloading Beyonce rather than signing up to tidal... and would she be able to stream enough to overtake the golden physical sales in the UK...?
I know you're gonna break my heart
When I get in your car
Oh, the trouble I'm in when we take that spin
Yeah, I'm in
I know there'll be hell to pay
Baby, i just can't wait oooooh
I'm gonna get high when I take that ride
In your Shelby '68

Normally I’d be okay with this since I buy tons of music by different artists every week but when it’s like, a BIG ICONIC artist I like to immerse myself in their music for a few days, almost to the point of ignoring other stuff. Which is a weird quirk of mine, I know, but we’ll find out in a few hours I guess.
My friend said "Shelby '68" into "Radio On" might one of her best sequences ever, and I totally agree. They both come at the perfect time in the track list. If "Radio On" was earlier, its impact would be lessened. Its placement basically turns the lights out on the album to that point, in a haunting, emotional way.

Also, "Sincerely Yours" could totally be a 1989 track. I mean that as a compliment to both artists.
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