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She could do with an executive producer to tie it all together and give the album a cohesive sound like Stuart did with Aphrodite.

Or Sia did with KMO

And like Sia was supposed to do on KMO.

I'm here for her anyway. We really don't know what we could expect from her at this point, she's been experimenting for some years now. Actually, KMO itself seemed to me a sort of 'best of' made out of new songs, each one referring to a particular Kylie era but without really trying to create a cohesive sound.
I really hope that, whatever she comes up with, she'll recover the artistic completeness of her previous records.

I can't talk, I stan for Word Is Out and everyone here appears to hate it.

It got some love on here a few months ago. It's one of my favourite Kylie songs.

Time Will Pass You By isn't the only KM94 track that has aged horribly, let's be honest. Where Is The Feeling is so dated it should be in a museum, and If I Was Your Lover already sounded about 3 years behind the curve at the time.

So what if songs on an album sound slightly dated or reminiscent of their era. Music is a time capsule into the past. I happen to think Confide in Me, Surrender, Put Yourself in My Place, Automatic Love and Where Has the Love Gone all sound great. The BIR Dolphin/Soundtrack mixes of WITF certainly haven't dated, they're amazing.

Yeah we're never going to get Impossible Princess 2.0, it was very much specific to that period of her career. She doesn't need to prove herself as a "serious" artist again. Though the Kylie + Garibay stuff and recent interviews are indicating that she could be going for a more introspective release for KM14, at least in comparison to her last 3 albums.

Something more introspective would be nice.
No. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

Kylie is never going to go indie again because it almost destroyed her career. And because Impossible Princess is shite.

The majority of Impossible Princess isn't what I would call indie. It's mostly a moody dance album with trip hop and trance elements. Bliss and DIA mistakenly sold it as a Britpop album or something in the same vein as Natalie Imbruglia's Left of the Middle. There are only four guitar indie/pop songs on it. Say Hey, Jump, Drunk, Limbo, Too Far and Breathe are all fantastic. The non-album track Take Me with You is also brilliant. I also love other tracks like GBI and this remix of The Real Thing:

I doubt we'll ever get another IP from Kylie. It came at a turning point in her life when she had certain stuff she wanted to say and to get out of her system. I think the reaction to it (and record label troubles) hurt her a lot. We probably wouldn't have got Light Years without IP. It led Kylie back to her pop roots. I definitely want something more personal from her in the future.

Add: The artwork from the IP era is amazing.
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More stuff like Black & White pls.
Also, I'd be here for stuff like Say Lou Lou (as someone else in the thread said). Imagine Kylie doing Beloved or even Games for Girls.
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Do you think a duet with a younger new star with a high profile would be a good idea? Someone like Matt the recent winner from X Factor or is that just a dreadful idea all round?
Do you think a duet with a younger new star with a high profile would be a good idea? Someone like Matt the recent winner from X Factor or is that just a dreadful idea all round?

I'm all for collaborations as long it's not a rent-a-rapper kind of deal. God if Sean Paul ever ended up on a Kylie album…shuddering at the thought. No X Factor trash either.
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