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Kylie Minogue - Kylie (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I'm here for grown up disco and for the collaboration with Dua. She'd better deliver.
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  2. I haven't let myself get excited for this since I've mentally put it so far off, and Golden feels so recent... but it feels exciting to start speculating. If disco is indeed the vibe, I would love to hear her take some production notes from Jessie Ware's upcoming album.
  3. I’m think I’m excited?

    Between most of Kiss Me Once, the Christmas album, and Golden I just don’t think Kylie is for me anymore (beyond the singles).

    She’s been on autopilot for most of the 2010’s (to rousing success), and I’m just not sure that that’s going to change in the 20’s.

    That said, I’m hoping she can prove me wrong. (Please.)
  4. Ddd I wonder if she'll release anything as @P'NutButter just starts the rate.
  5. She did say in the interview that she hopes to get "a few" songs on the album so even if you don't like her there are other producers.

    What are the other producers we know Kylie's worked with? Sky Adams. Biffco. Mousse T.
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  7. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    She's due for a good one.
  8. If we have Dua, Lady Gaga and Kylie on the same year OMG.
  9. Gay rights!
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  10. And Carly. Don't forget Carly.
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  11. MB


    I doubt this will be coming this year, likely she’ll wait for a spring 2021 release rather than get swallowed up in the latter end of the year surely?
  12. I’d love the same but I don’t think Kylie is that kind of girl anymore.

    As long as it’s nothing like Your Disco Needs You or 100 Degrees, I’m tentatively excited.
  13. I’m not sure who is scheduled to release at the end of the year - presumably Adele, who else?
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  14. I’m expecting a huge era next time for her album sales wise whatever she releases, Step Back In Time seemed to propel her bigger into the U.K. consciousness than anything for years.
    I need to pop Golden on again later, it had some strong high points.
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  15. Huge numbers feels a little bold, maybe I'm cynical.
  16. There’s not a chance anything will be released before 2021. Kylie’s just not a Q4 girl anymore.
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  17. She needs to work with Ian Kirkpatrick. (Pretty) please.
  18. As much as I liked the majority of Golden at the time, the prospect of ten new Sky Adams productions doesn't exactly fill me with excitement - mainly due to the mastering issues already widely criticised on this forum, and also how most of the songs that stayed with me the longest from Golden are the few that he didn't have a hand in dddd. Still, I'm intrigued to see what they come up with when they're not working with a 'country-lite' brief.

    Apart from that... it still feels much too soon? 2018 and 2019 were both huge for Kylie in the UK. She was pretty much visible and actively promoting/touring from the beginning of the Golden era in January 2018 to Kylie's Secret Night over Christmas 2019. With that said, I can't see BMG beginning a Kylie campaign under the current circumstances with the majority of Kylie's traditional promo route out of action for a while.
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  19. I can't believe Sky Adams is likely returning.
  20. I want a Kylie presence ala Light Years-Fever-BL. Every year!
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