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Kylie Minogue - Kylie (15th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Honestly she would call it this though
  2. How cool would it be if it was called "Your Disco Needs You", as in a a throwback to her in early 2000, she is after all making disco music and its so Kylie so why not, if people say its not original well neither is the title "Kylie"
  3. I hope there will be a healthy amount of risk involved with the soundscape. I suspect they'll have Right Here, Right Now/Really Don't Like You as reference points, but... I need less middle-of-the-road and more earworms.
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  4. That will be the tour name! ...if she gets to do one.
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  5. I don't know what to expect tbh lol
  6. If they do it’ll probably be less dates or perhaps they’ll hold it off a little longer.
  7. Maybe she should just call it Boomerang if she wants a variation of her name.
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  8. Yes! I would love an album from Kylie called Boomerang.
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  9. I don't see why it would be less dates, since her tours are generally pretty UK-centric anyway.
    It'll just be later on from the album than usual.
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  10. That could actually be a clever name given the right aesthetic and treatments.
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  11. I'm so happy you lot aren't naming the next Kylie album.
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  12. "Boomerang" makes me think of this, which is not great. But I don't think that many people will remember this.

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  13. I just remember James Arthur going to watch her film the video during the X Factor live shows ddd
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  14. Win this competition and you too can make a shitty low budget pop video!

    The song bops though... Kylie could do worse.
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  15. I weirdly bop to this. One of her best tracks ddd
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  16. I find it strange that she has given away a lot of details, but then we see Kylie still recording in her home studio.
  17. I like seeing the little glimpses of Kylie's home. Wonder what books she has on that shelf.
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  18. [​IMG]
    Looks like Kylie’s also doing some research for the album aesthetics
  19. I love how much she's being so open with this album. I really didn't think that we could get at least some new music for hopefully 2020 from her.
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  20. Nicole's Boomerang is a stone cold bop.
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