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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

  2. Have we done Enjoy Yuleself?
  3. Most evenings...
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  4. Island

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    -100 Degrees
    Cocoa (Chocolate nñn)
    On a Sleigh Like This
    Under the Influence of Eggnog
    Elves (Kids nñn)
    Hand On Your Stocking
    Hand On Your Sleigh
    Love At First Christmas
    Love At First Flight
    Sexy Santa
    Better than Christmas
    Reindeer Boy
    No More Snow
    No More Eggnog
    Red Blooded Claus
    Sleigh Control
    Still Sleighing
    Still Flying
    Can't Get Blue Christmas Out Of My Head
    Christmas Style
    Reindeer Style
    Through the Snowglobe
    Gifts Can Only Get Better
    Count the Gifts

    Someone should come up with lyrics for 'Your Christmas Needs You'.

    Also. 'Off With His Stocking'
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  5. Some Kind of Baste
    What Kind of Christmas (Heard Those Sleighs Before)
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  6. This Tree's on Fire.
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  7. has anyone done 'Give me just a little mulled wine'?
  8. I think that's enough.
  9. Some lyrical genius even wrote the damn thing last December:
    I mean...
  10. Just under a week so it seems until we get the real/final tracklisitng for this. Can't wait!
  11. Neither can I.
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  12. Only You,with Joshua seems to be likely
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  13. Some more guest features on the reedition.
  14. Thank you! If I had to choose the best popjustice member you'd be it! lol
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  15. John Grant maybe? She joined him for one of his concerts a few months ago.
  16. Your
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  17. hopefully we'll get some people more interesting than him. Maybe Robbie?
  18. If it's John Grant I... hope it's not.
  19. This thread really has hit peak 'no news' rock bottom.
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  20. How different do you reckon the choices of classic Kylie songs will be this year compared to last year?
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