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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. That seems like such a weird rule
  2. The UK labels own the charts and they were mad that streaming was making the charts less mobile (songs staying put for weeks, blocking their acts from higher chart peaks) - so they added this weird rule and Christmas songs became an additional casualty.

    It massively undermines the charts in my opinion.
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  3. It just seems odd that once you've divorced the chart from actually buying a physical product you might as well go the whole hog - I don't follow the charts anymore, but I thought they were a mess of songs hanging around forever and album tracks anyway. And that no one cared about the Top 40 anymore.
  4. SBK


    Thing is if they didnt do it youd mean that your faves weren't charting because ed Sheeran, adele, coldplay and everything the kids are into isn't leaving the charts....
  5. Have to say, once again this album was playing when I put my tree up.

    Definitely a tradition now.
  6. I mean a) my favs aren't charting and I'm OK with that and b) I really hope it isn't 'the kids' that are listening to Adele and Coldplay. I actually assume the rule was the wrest control of the charts from people in their 30s listening to one album on repeat endlessly while doing their crucial job sending pointless e-mails to each other. But maybe I'm giving too much credit to the youth of the UK
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  7. This. Honestly it's up there with All I Want for Christmas is You, Last Christmas, etc. as a modern Christmas classic.

    I've never cared for Santa Baby, even the Madonna version. And I love both Madonna and Kylie.

    I heard Christmas Isn't Christmas 'Til You Get Here in a Toronto bookshop. Bliss!
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  8. [​IMG]

    Fever era Kylie even got an advent calendar for Christmas!
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  9. I remember this!
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  10. Yeah, I'm not a fan either however I am so glad she recorded it, her streaming number quadruple at Christmas time. It's a genuine huge streaming hit with the GP.
  11. And gave her her 50 UK top 40 hit too! So there's that if nothing else.
  12. When in Pizza Hut seeing my LDR boyfriend before Christmas yesterday, this Kylie Christmas delight was playing:

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  13. I haven’t heard any of Kylie Christmas in public this year. Strange that she doesn’t push it at all year after year and get more sales in....
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  14. Indeed, it would be great if she did. I was glad it was this one as it's not one of the covers, but also our joint favourite from the album too he he!
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  15. Still an absolute mystery Kylie and the label didn’t push more of the original tracks. She could’ve had a genuine smash single with many including White December of course!
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  16. I was looking back over my old graphics for the upcoming "reloaded" rates and hilariously at the same time I came across this AndrewX person claiming they had made this cover art, when it was actually me. How sad.
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  17. Or stopped 'Dancing' being her 50th which would have been perfect with 'Golden' and her 50th but we are where we are I guess!
  18. But is it? I think it’s had really good playlist exposure from Spotify. I don’t think people are actively looking for it or see it as a Christmas classic.
  19. But, Dancing was still her 51st! So that's something still great too.
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  20. I seriously can't wait for your Kylie reloaded rate already. Seriously. Make sure you PM me when you start it please!
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