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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Just kind of would have been perfect for her to have her 50th with an original song. Kind of almost as annoying as SAW not realising 'Better the devil you know' could have been their 100th hit single had they released it a fortnight earlier instead of Pat & Mick getting that honour!
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  2. Pat and Mick had that honour instead of the biggest artist they ever had?! With one of their and hers most iconic single too?! Madness!
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  3. Just a heads up, that is totally not me. Not only did they steal your graphic but my username as well!
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  4. Just seen on another forum that without ACR Santa Baby would have been number 28 this week.
  5. That's a shame! At least it's doing better than last year anyway.
  6. We really had lesser problems a year ago huh
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  7. Oh simpler times...
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  8. Stay Another Day is EVERYTHING.
  9. I still wish this was 4 times as long and went to poppers o clock as it builds.

    Edited to say imagine it building to something like this.

  10. I prefer Faith, but yes!
  11. I just always loved this Tony De Vit mix.

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  12. Justice for Every day's like Christmas, playing on Radio 2 right now!
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  13. Amazing song
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  14. If only the strategy for the Christmas album had been to properly push one song this really could have been a Christmas classic. I understood why they got her performing different songs on each show but they really could have made her have a massive song with Every Day's Like Christmas.

  15. Exactly. And rather than santa baby each year we could have had a Kylie original hitting the charts each year.
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  16. Heard At Christmas out at M & S this morning, always nice to hear other Kylie Christmas songs in public for once apart from Santa Baby!
  17. I don't think that was ever a possibility. Santa Baby has been a Christmas classic for decades and there is no one else who delivers it like Kylie.
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  18. Uno


    I hate Christmas music but the PWL remix of Everyday's Like Christmas slaps every single time.
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  19. My go to version!
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  20. Who’s got this on rotation now it’s Kylie Christmas season? At Christmas seems to be the most popular original song on here on streaming anyway, I love it more now than I did on its original release, a shame it never got a video and proper push outside of this performance…

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