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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. Had my first play of this for 2021 yesterday. It's crazy it's 6 years old already!
  2. 7 year anniversary vinyl release, perhaps? Come on, K!
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  3. I think the album is just sublime from start to finish. Everything I wanted and more from a Kylie Christmas album.
  4. SBK


    The intro is divine. Was such a joy to hear that live at the Albert hall
  5. Looks like it’s still licensed to Parlophone. They won’t be doing anything.
  6. Out of the covers my favourites are Christmas Wrapping, It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, 2000 Miles, Only You and Warm This Winter. I think it’s got a great mix of covers and originals, just such a wasted opportunity we don’t have a classic Kylie original Christmas song now.
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  7. 2000 Miles is amazing, my favourite of the covers. I also really like her version of Rozalla's Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) although I wish an enterprising gay would put a donk on it.
  8. Will forever keep on saying it, but Kylie Christmas spawned some of her strongest ever original tracks for me.
  9. I adore all the original tracks (well, not so much Oh Santa) but I’d have loved for Kylie and Biff to have composed another One More Sleep, I don’t think there’s anything on the record that’s as good as that personally.
  10. cough *White December* cough
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  11. Not a "donk" but it's something -
  12. Every Day's Like Christmas is so special.
  13. White December should've been THE original Kylie xmas song. How it was completely ignored (when she would do things like perform Winter Wonderland on Graham Norton) is beyond me.

    And agreed on the original tracks being the best thing about the album. Cried Out Christmas is really underrated too. It's so intentionally exaggerated and dramatic, I can picture her on a fainting couch in a messy, half-decorated living room.
  14. Especially now that Kylie deleted the video so it's technically not canon.
  15. It's a Christmas classic for me, up there with Last Christmas, All I Want for Christmas is You, One More Sleep and Underneath the Tree.
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  16. I didn’t know she deleted it. Good on her.
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  17. She looks AMAZING in the video, I remember being annoyed at the time that she included her then man.
  18. Just watched the video for the first time ever. Or tried to watch it. Didn't make it through. It really is terrible.
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  19. They did

    Sadly they forgot to include it on the album.

    Seriously, what a bop.
  20. The originals on Kylie Christmas are spectacular in my opinion! Actually to be honest I like pretty much everything on here but I do really wish they put a bigger emphasis on originals when doing promotion, some of them could really be classics!
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