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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Kylie's cover of Christmas Wrapping, is truly tailor made for her and her version of it is just a joy-yes, am playing it yet again!
  2. Christmas Isn't Christmas... is hands down my favorite Kylie Christmas track. It's just so infectious and cheery.
  3. Wish it had been a single this.
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  4. Can't believe she went on Strictly and did Warm This Winter when Christmas Isn't Christmas... would've fitted the routine just as well and showcased the album, instead of getting loads of TV slots and singing the covers.
  5. My feelings exactly. The original tracks were wasted and all the promo she did have, was used on the same old tracks that are on almost every other Christmas album. Don't get me wrong, the covers were very well done, but still a wasted opportunity.
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  6. Wait I'd never heard of this (in fact, it's the first Saara song I think I've ever listened to) and it's fantastic.

    Pity she chose such an awful duet partner for Fairytale of New York...
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  7. Wish Kylie had kept Every Christmas Day for herself, but at least it did see the light of day in the end via this great version.
  8. None of the originals were going to be classics or sell the album. She did the right thing by doing well known covers that would interest the public. And it worked.
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  9. The best song on the album for me.

    Santa Baby officially re-enters the chart at number 80, only 3 more Chart weeks left including tomorrow but the last week will land on Christmas week so that should be an amazing week for Christmas music. I see Mariahs already at number 3!
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  10. 'Christmas Isn't Christmas 'Til You Get Here' could easily have become a staple.
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  11. I can see why Kylie didn't put all her eggs in one basket and push one song, especially as it seems to take a lot for a Christmas song to catch on these days. Unless there's a big playlist push or maybe featured in a big TV show/film, it's just not going to happen.
    Other big names like Robbie Williams, Gwen Stefani and Dolly Parton have all released Christmas albums since but can't think of one 'defining' song from them.
    Changing labels won't have helped either as makes it less likely she'll revisit these songs outside of a concert.
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  12. SO could and so should have been as well.
  13. I agree. I love the originals, Christmas isn't Christmas..., Every Days Like Christmas, White December...and they are the ones I keep going back to. But she'd have found it hard to get any original Christmas song off the ground. She was right to perform the covers in her promo slots and it worked well and led the album to gold sales.
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  14. Would have liked at least one performance of the originals on promo though.
  15. Interesting that Santa Claus Is Coming To Town is the song that is getting a playlist push this year. It's doing well on streaming. Last year I think it was At Christmas that had the boost and the year before that Christmas Wrapping.
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  16. I usually detest duets with singers who have passed on but I really like this duet. Kylie and Frank are very well suited for each other, stylistically and vocally, and she matches him in the playful nature of the song.
  17. She performed At Christmas on Jonathan Ross when the album was repackaged
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  19. Santa Baby climbs 20 places this week to number 60, 2 more chart weeks left before Christmas, would love to see it peak even 1 place higher this year to number 30!
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  20. Fingers crossed, certainly keeps on climbing year after year.
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