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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. The 2015 show is one of her my absolute favourites from her, she looks and sounds incredible.
  2. Kylie's version is cute and far superior to all other covers, but lacks the emotional heft attached to the original recording because of who recorded it.
  3. Kylie Christmas 2016 was my favourite of all the Kylie live shows I've seen. Minimal staging , but huge amounts of atmosphere and JOY. That was a party and a half!
  4. The more I play Kylie Christmas (which has been a lot), I feel even more sure that it's one of the most charming Christmas albums ever.
  5. Silver in 2017
    Gold in 2020
    Platinum in 2021

    Assuming it continues to stream the equivalent of 200,000 sales each year from now on, at what point will it likely overtake "Can't Get You Out of My Head" as her biggest UK chart song? Six years?
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  6. Listening to my new Christmas playlist on the way to work this morning and this still sounds so good

    Easily my favourite of the originals.
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  7. Shame never performed live alas.
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  8. By then someone will do a tiktok video of it and some kids will be like 'OMG this really old song by an old lady singer from the 2000s is amazing' and top up it's sales.
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  9. I can't believe she didn't perform it at either of the Kylie Christmas shows. It had the most potential to become a Christmas classic.
  10. Yes, it sounds timeless too. Should have been an single.
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  11. It would be nice to get the Snow Queen edition on vinyl next year.
  12. Went shopping at lunchtime and heard different songs from Kylie Christmas in various shops. The true Queen of Christmas.
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  13. I'm actually quite surprised that "...Head"'s last platinum cert was 2015. TOCC's May 2018 article about her single sales puts it then at 1.205 million chart sales... and an article from 3 months ago increases it to 1.53 million sales. So that works out at just under 100,000 UK chart sales per year.

    Using that info and assuming figures increase the same each year from now on, we can expect "Can't Get You Out of My Head" to make 3xP in 2024 and 4xP in 2030. If "Santa Baby" adds 200,000 UK chart sales per year, then it will go 2xP in 2024, 3xP in 2027 and 4xP in 2030. Of course, it could come sooner depending on how streaming dominates and more and more of Kylie's older fanbase uptake to streaming.
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  14. I was just thinking this. White and gold vinyl, please @Parlophone.
  15. What do people think of the Snow a queen edition cover? I much prefer it to the original or even ‘original’ original (remember that awful silver dress?)
  16. I agree, surprised in a way it hasn't already.
  17. The Snow Queen cover is truly awful, the design is hideous and so un Christmassy and she is in such an awkward pose and looks like she is about to teach oral with the lolly.
    The original cover with her on the sled is such a stunner, it captures everything the album is about.
  18. I think the 2016 Kylie Christmas show may be the greatest concert I've ever attended. Just pure joy all around, from the headliner to the crowd, to the musicians, to the dancers to the staff.

    I remember at one point Kylie said that the Christmas shows could potentially be a yearly thing and it's too bad they didn't become a yearly event, although I'm sure it would have been a challenge for Kylie to commit each year, among other factors.
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  19. The original definitely portrays a more Christmassy image but I think it looks super cheap and a bit old fashioned, I just think the Snow Queen image looks a bit more modern.
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  20. I love the Snow Queen imagery - it’s a lot more fun and less cliched.

    I’m in the minority here, but I liked the original silver dress photo.
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