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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. This will probably give her a little cute sales boost before she can depart Parlophone and do whatever the fuck she wants. This is a super positive thing in my opinion.

    I wonder if Santa Baby will be updated.
  2. Bit disappointed in the number of covers, but there are what 8 new tracks? 7 if Oh Santa is a Mariah cover.

    Edit: according to iTunes Oh Santa features Nick Barr, no idea who he is, and the Dannii track is only on the Deluxe version.
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  3. If there is an 8-track EP of original songs to be made out of the record, then I cannot ask for more. If anything, it is a proper gift.
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    So here for the original tracks to be Disco Down with added sleigh bells.
  5. Revising my thoughts on the covers, clearly the most interesting/exciting is Christmas Wrapping with Iggy. I have a real soft spot for Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, for some reason I cry almost every time I hear it, I'm sure Kylie will do it justice. I really hope Santa Baby and Let it Snow are new versions.
  6. Oh lord, posthumous duets are always a grey area for me. Especially now with all that holograph BS, I'm sure someone will twist her arm into doing a "live duet" with "him".

    That (and a disappointing lack of All I Want for Christmas Is You) aside, I'm actually kind of excited about it. I expect a lot of lush orchestration mixed in with the bops though.
  7. Of all the possible collaborators I could have foreseen Kylie and Kesha sharing, Iggy Pop wasn't one of the first to spring to mind.
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  8. Idolator says the album was produced by Steve Anderson.

    I have faith in Steve Anderson.
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  9. James fucking Corden? Why Kylie? Why?

    There's no need for him on Only You. Vince Clarke never felt the need to chip in
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  10. The thought of James Corden singing "Only You" makes we want to die. I'll make a point of never listening to that.
  11. SBK


    Only You is one of my favourite songs. I cannot wait to hear Kylie's take on it.
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  12. I hope people are clear on the fact that he's not literally the character he plays on Gavin and Stacy.
  13. I'm clear on that. He's James fucking Corden.
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  14. But do I want to see this in the RRoyal Royal Albert Hall? Torn.
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  15. MB


    Depends how much tickets are! Not cheap I expect. Shame she can't do a gig up north aswell!
  16. Yes. You definitely want to see this in the Albert Hall. Now hurry up and announce something at the Opera House in Sydney woman!
  17. Kylie: yay. Xmas: nay (largely). Help.
  18. LPT


    Good luck to all of you attempting to get tickets to the Royal Albert Christmas gig! Very exciting!
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  19. I can kinda understand that. To this day I have trouble taking Eric Bana seriously as a dramatic actor because I remember when he had his own late-night sketch comedy show. (It was called Eric, it was very low-brow humour, and it wasn't funny.)
  20. I felt uneasy watching the announcement video. The cover does not look good. Hopefully the songs are not so bad.
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