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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. Suddenly into this era majorly. YES Kylie. Make Khristmas yours.
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  2. I wonder if they are planning to release a single?
  3. So many new songs, great stuff. There seems to be the assumption that the James Cordon duet is a cover of Only You, do we know that for a fact? could well be an original song too.

    Love the cover too, very striking, could have done without the midlaugh or whatever it is face she's pulling (I smell the lens of William Baker) but overall its a lovely image, the K/Star is a brilliant touch.

    I am really excited about this, and wait, has she actually announced an Albert Hall gig, oh lord, that's going to be stressful getting tickets!
  4. I giggled.
  5. Ok, so now watched the video, very cute, looks like an orchestra there and choir which is promising for a lovely lush sound, and a bit of bopping meaning uptempos too (its Kylie surely there will be uptempos). I presume the DVD will be studio recordings clips of which were used in the montage. Looks like I'll be getting in the Christmas spirit during mid November!!
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  6. So we have a Chris Martin song produced by Stargate. Curious!
  7. It's a cover (

    I remain open to the idea of this not being completely rubbish, but I'm still kind of sad that this is the sort of stuff she has to do now.
  8. Overall it looks pretty good to me, but I'm not here for those collaborations (except for Danielle).
    And I love that it's 16 tracks. Give me that festive Kylie overdose.
  9. Interesting that they've covered Yazoo, I think it'll work really well christmasified.

    I'm flying back to the UK for my first real Christmas (xmas in the southern hemisphere is W R O N G) on 22nd Dec. I wish I could change my flight and get to the Albert Hall. Surely it'll be on telly.
  10. I really like the cover. Not likely to add this to my collection just yet but if they get the Disco Christmas thing right, I'M IN.
  11. A recording of it would be brilliant, and you could see it potentially being of interest to broadcasters, so fingers crossed because you know getting tickets is going to be a disaster!
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  12. Agreed. Steve Anderson producing is the best part of this announcement. Can't wait to hear the Iggy Pop duet!
  13. So far so good. LOVE the cover and she really does look so elegant on it
    With that K star being touch too. Again not overly keen on the collaboration sides but you never know. The Royal Albert Hall gig looks good, hope it be on TV too.
  14. Ray


    I have near zero interest in hearing this, or acknowledging its existence, apart from "Only You". I will let y'all review it for me first. Like the deluxe cover though.
  15. I also must say the fact she is covering THE Christmas standard of all time, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas is just a joy to behold. Meet Me In St Louis is a must watch every Christmas for me.
  16. Wait. Is it confirmed that this is Yazoo's "Only You"? What on earth does it have to do with a Christmas theme? Though, you're right, I can imagine it being "christmasfied", too.
  17. I think ITV would pick it up. After all, Christmas before last, they gave a prime time Christmas Day slot to Britney Spears' "I Am Britney Jean" documentary! (Although I suppose every one has fallen asleep into a bowl of Mini Cheddars by 10pm anyway)
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  18. It's a bit tenuous, but the Flying Pickets version was Xmas Number One in the 80s
  19. So excited she has done Christmas Wrapping! It's one of my festive favourites and if we couldn't have a Kylie/Dannii duet of A Fairytale of New York that was my second pick. And it's nearly a whole new album of originals! Cried Out Christmas sounds amazing already.
  20. This is all a whatthefuck but at least it looks like it's a quality item.
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