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Kylie Minogue - Kylie Christmas (Snow Queen Edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

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  1. I'd forgotten about that, imagine Kylie and James doing THAT version!
  2. I'm surprised that there isn't an instant grat track to encourage preorders.
  3. Only Kylie could have Dannii, Iggy Pop and James Corden on the same album.
  4. Maybe she'll reunite with Miriam Stockley.

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  5. LPT


    this is from the official site:

    Recorded at Angel Studios and Sarm Music Village, the album features 13 tracks – including several duets and a mix of original and classic songs. Kylie has enlisted the help of her sister Dannii Minogue for the deluxe version of the album, recording the brand new song '100 Degrees' – set to be a disco Christmas classic! James Corden features on Yazoo's brilliant 'Only You', Iggy Pop joins Kylie on the Waitresses festive hit, 'Christmas Wrapping' while Frank Sinatra posthumously completes the roll call of collaborators, appearing on 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'.

    edit: why would you put a 'set to be a disco christmas classic!' on the deluxe edition rather than the standard?
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  6. The fact it's going to be a Disco anthem is quite nice methinks. Gotta have a few festive bops!!!
  7. LPT


    At least I'll be able to give Mariah's Merry Christmas II You a bit of a break this year!
  8. Huh??

    Also what is the first single? We need to know.
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  9. ("first")
  10. SBK


    The Flying Pickets version was #1 Xmas 1983.

    I wish people would get over the James Corden duet, its one song on a 13 song album. Skip it and listen to Nud-it- y if its too much for you to sit through.
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  11. Do we know how much the Royal Albert Hall tickets cost? I'm trying to live a Grey Goose lifestyle on an Irn Bru budget here...
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  12. MB


    And I'm presuming there's no meet&greet or packages?
  13. Is Kylie normally one for Meet & Greets? I'll throw my savings (ha) out the window to hysterically cry all over her.
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  14. I would have thought there's no such packages, otherwise they would be stated now, well better not anyway, if I do managed to get tickets then such things appear I will be SO angry, similarly would throw a few bob to meet Min!
  15. She only did them on the last tour on the London, Manchester and Paris dates. Live Nation isn't involved this time so no M&Gs? Seems to be a RAH ticket sale.
  16. LPT


    I didn't know she had meet and greets last time. I don't know if I could do that to myself to be honest. I'd have a Mariah and start crying.
  17. I just had a fun seven seconds imagining Kylie browsing Say Hey and her manager walking in and asking if she wanted to sell meet and greets.
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  18. I'm loving the cover, not too fussed on the duets but I'll reserve judgement till I've heard them. Don't think I'll bother with the concert as I'll have great difficulty getting time off work and down to London and back, although it'll be the first Kylie concert I'll have missed since the Intimate and Live tour.

    I'm just desperate to know if/what the single is. I need a Kylie classic Christmas song and video.
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