Kylie Minogue - "Padam Padam" + Tension (Sep 22)

Beautiful gets way too much hate. It’s really rather lovely. The vocoder bits are odd but they are only tiny bits and don’t alter the song that much. It does make more sense in the context of Enrique’s album than KMO though but it’s still a song I keep around.
I think 10/10 will end up being a viral hit, which is what they're probably aiming for. I mean, it's all about streams now, so I think this is a smart idea to get Kylie's name buzzing before she releases something herself.

I can imagine the video having plenty of gifable moments. The clip just sounds so positive and summery. It's going to do well, I think.
2 Hearts is her best song ever. I will happily die on this hill. I absolutely adore it and the sheer balls Kylie had to come back after her cancer with such a different sound to which people knew her for was divine.

"I'm in love" indeed.
he / him
I never thought that releasing "2 Hearts" as lead single was a mistake, but I did think that the mistake was doing a direct cover of Kish Mauve's version with no deviation. It just needed different production, which could've either been slight or an entire overhaul. To me, The Twelves Mix of "2 Hearts" would've been the ideal lead single.