Kylie Minogue - "Padam Padam" + Tension (Sep 22)

Not to further add to this pointless discussion but the official name of the variant everywhere it’s listed is “Coke Bottle Clear”. I feel like that’s….relatively self-explanatory, but here we are!

Clear and transparent are annoyingly used interchangably when describing see-through vinyl.

Currently the Garbage fanbase is 13 weeks into an argument about their recent see-through-red vinyl EP because it was described on the sticker as "transparent" vinyl - it was transparent, but it was also red, so people have convinced themselves there's a non-red variant and are upset when they order it and get a red one, instead of a "clear" one.
What is going on?

I can’t even begin to understand the fact the last 3 pages have been more focused on debating the colour of glass bottles over how well this has done. It would have been quicker for people to google it and get some understanding than debate it here.

It amazing this has charted so well -the healthy daily streaming numbers, advantageous Spotify play listing and commercial radio plays are all making me think this could be a wider breakthrough than it already is given how catchy it is.


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