Kylie Minogue Rate: Part.1 - PWL Years ♥ (RESULTS - WINNER!!)

What Kylie era is your favourite?

  • PWL Years (1988-1993)

    Votes: 20 17.2%
  • Deconstruction (1994-1999)

    Votes: 25 21.6%
  • Parlophone (2000-2015)

    Votes: 71 61.2%

  • Total voters

Kylie Minogue - actress, singer, songwriter, gay icon, survivor, goddess, singing budgie... Undeniably one of the most successful female musicians of all time.


For this rate we will be going over Kylie's complete musical career, I've divided it into three sections, each incredibly different and varying in style, but all as important.

PWL Years: 1989-1993

Kylie's early career was centered solely at PWL's Hit Factory,
hugely successful but not richly satisfying to Kylie...

Deconstruction: 1994-1999

After the almost militant music releases and recordings at PWL,
Kylie went looking for creativity and a new avenue for her to showcase her talents...

Parlophone 2000-2015

With creative satisfaction and change can sometimes come hostility,
Kylie witnessed this at the end of her time with Deconstruction.
Pop was needed and pop is what Kylie gave - in a big way.


PWL Results:



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Kylie (1988)


The debut album release from Kylie, released by PWL on 4 July 1988.
Kylie was a worldwide success. It peaked at number one in three countries, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan, and it produced three number one singles in Australia. In North America, the album peaked low on the Billboard charts, yet still managed to sell over 500,000 copies and was certified gold. In Australia, the album was re-issued as The Kylie Collection also in 1988, as well as a VHS video in Australia and featuring bonus remixes. Kylie was certified seven times platinum in the UK and has sold over 7 million copies worldwide.

Enjoy Yourself (1989)


Kylie's second album release. It was released by PWL on 9 October 1989.
Enjoy Yourself reached number one in the United Kingdom, and produced two number one singles. Kylie also toured the album in 89/90.

Rhythm Of Love (1990)


Kylie's third album, released on 12 November 1990. Unlike her two previous efforts, Kylie started to become more involved in the process of creating the album. She recorded the album in the spring and summer of 1990 in London and Los Angeles. Rhythm of Love deals with many subjects including love, having fun and more. Musically, the album brought a new direction with a more sexual image and a more dance-influenced sound. It peaked at #9 in the UK.

Let's Get To It (1991)


Kylie's fourth and final studio album release with PWL, released on 14 October 1991.
Let's Get to It is Kylie's least successful album to date. It is her only studio album to miss the top ten in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

Greatest Hits (1992)


The album was largely written and produced by the Stock Aitken Waterman team, and it's release marked the end of Kylie Minogue's professional relationship with them. It contained all her single releases to date including the Japan only single, "Turn It into Love", Greatest Hits entered the UK Albums Chart at number-one, becoming Kylie's third number-one album in the United Kingdom. It charted there for ten weeks and was later certified platinum for shipments of 300,000 copies. The album was also successful in Australia, debuting and peaking at number three and charting for fifteen weeks.

Where In The World
What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before)


All of the tracks are linked to their songs (this is via YouTube.) Rate each of the tracks 0-10, you may also score one of the tracks an 11... this is for the track you deem superior to all others - so choose wisely. Commentary is optional, but is definitely welcome and appreciated.

Enjoy x
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So excited to see this! I have so many 10s and seeing the list my 11 changed - I've decided to go with my heart rather than my head! I've also proudly cast my vote as a PWL Kylie fan first and foremost.

(At the risk of being a complete Kylie anorak is there any chance you could include Keep On Pumpin' It which was released on PWL and credited to Vision Masters & Tony King Featuring Kylie Minogue and got to number 49 in 1991?)
At first glance I think I have 20 x 10s... Maybe I am being too lenient as these songs have been with me my whole life and there is a great deal of nostalgia attached to these albums.

I'm going to give each album a re-listen before voting (even though I know most of these songs like the back of my hand) and try to be a bit more objective!
So excited to see this! I have so many 10s and seeing the list my 11 changed - I've decided to go with my heart rather than my head!
I see what you did there, but while "Hand On Your Heart" is in the rate indeed, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" isn't so you can 11 both.

(My 11 is the least surprising 11 in the history of 11s.)
I need to relisten to the first two albums a couple of times but I can see them getting similar averages from me.

Where In The World needs my help!
I was going to post a link to the amazing fanmade video to Things Can Only Get Better single edit but it's not on youtube anymore?!?!?!

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It's great to see this rate taking off and I'm definitely gonna be part of this. Shout-out to Things Can Only Get Better!