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Kylie Minogue Rate: Part.3 - Parlophone ✴ (RESULTS) Runner-up and WINNER!!!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by P'NutButter, Dec 15, 2015.


What's your favourite Parlophone era album?

  1. Light Years

    19 vote(s)
  2. Fever

    26 vote(s)
  3. Body Language

    20 vote(s)
  4. X

    21 vote(s)
  5. Aphrodite

    35 vote(s)
  6. Kiss Me Once

    10 vote(s)
  7. Kylie Christmas

    0 vote(s)
  8. Other

    1 vote(s)
  1. Ray


  2. *applying for planning permission*
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  3. You can just listen to it over and over again and you just don't get bored. Driving whilst prending to be in the video also adds an extra level of amazing to it.
  4. Ray


    The little Timebomb that could. I'm proud of it really.
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  5. Jam


    Ah Timebomb, joyous little thing. Should have rated it higher then 8, as I have listened and enjoyed it so much, surprised (and impressed) it did so well. A great track.
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  6. Timebomb is a solid 20 out of 10 at least. Well done, guys,

    (Love At First Sight is a 100.)
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  7. Major, major bop, and deserved a top 10 placing. The others however seem more worthy to be be higher up, so think #10 overall was just right absolutely.
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  8. As Timebomb is out, I neeeeeeeed The One or Get Outta My Way to make it to number one! I love all the other songs, but the are my favourites of what's left.
  9. Uno


    Aww, Disco Down missed the top 10!? Sad times. I hope The One wins this.
  10. So proud that Like A Drug did so well - the massive single that never was...
  11. You all disgust me for letting Timebomb get this far to be honest.
  12. You disgust me with your disgraceful opinion but I'm going to give you a free pass due to your avatar.
  13. I still wanna know what moron made that decision to let that killer bop slip through the net. So much potential unfulfilled.
  14. But you gave a 10 to Dancefloor so you don't have much room to talk about disgraceful opinions...

    (I've always loved the club kid space glitter Barbie look she had for Wow on the Kylie Show when everyone else hated it)
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  15. That was my favourite look during the Kylie show it was one of my many K25 Wallpapers I made.
  16. I stand by that 10 and remain pressed at it's unjust elimination.

    I lived for every look Kylie served during the X era, including that glitter barbie look. Give me that Kabuki-Gay Space Queen Realness that I love.
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  17. The best version of 'Timebomb' is Ralphi's Private Anthem Mix, bloody typical it's only available on legitmix!
  18. There's me thinking I had every Timebomb mix.
  19. It's better than most of the released ones.
  20. [​IMG]


    Your Disco Needs You 9.04


    Highest Score: 11 x 1 - @Markus1981
    10 x 27 - @Mikey1701, @Booers, @SmashHitter, @Jacques, @Gotnomoretosay, @Aester, @Cowboystyle, @letuinmybackdoor, @AlmostFamous, @One Stop Candy Shop, @VivaForever, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @Ray, @Sprockrooster, @JamesJupiter, @RRS, @Pop Gaz, @tylerc904, @DJHazey, @Mjg0806, @idratherjack, @Farnaby, @Andsov, @OSHi, @playboy69, @SophiaSophia
    Lowest Score: 4 x 1 - @2014

    Live on the German version of TOTP...

    An epic vocal in 2009...

    Live on the Kiss Me Once tour...


    Awww, camp as a row of pink glittery tents. But this is a real ANTHEM, If you want a song that could proudly announce your homosexuality, then let this stomper do it for you!

    Huge love for this song in the comments, it never left the top 10.

    Donut is obviously the Sargent...

    @mrdonut - Majestic march music for a Homosexual Army

    Hawks is here for the opera but not the camp blandness...

    @hawkings24 - Inferior to the Casino Radio & Club Mix and also quite a camp and bland version of a great song! (The opera parts get me every time tho)


    @Anastasia Beaverhaus - The gayest song ever, on the level with 'I Will Survive'.

    @CorgiCorgiCorgi - That high note at the end!

    Sprock wants an ultra gay album...

    @Sprockrooster - What an anthem this remains to be. Easily one of the gayiest songs ever. I still want to make that ultra gay album and this will be the first track obviously.

    @WhatKindOfKylie? - One of Kylie's signature tunes despite limited single status and easily the campest thing she has ever, ever done. To me this was proof that Kylie had well and truly buried the Impossible Princess where she belonged, and was back to being her true self. Do prefer the Casino single remix to the album original though, which heights up the campness to the max!

    "Supergay sparkling baby" ...

    @Ray - The album version $layed, and then the Casino remix took it further. If I could give more than one 11 this would be it. Kylie meets Village People and create a supergay sparkling baby. (Don't try this at home.) Amazing lyrics: “happiness will never last, darkness comes to kick your ass”. I love the video too, which is an unpopular pop opinion but I don’t care.

    @AlmostFamous- loved it then, love it now. Unashamedly brilliant and brave, whenever I think Robbie Williams is insufferable I remember he did this and don't feel as negative toward him.

    Candy is very bilingual...

    @One Stop Candy Shop - Epic. Never gets old. I actually bought the Japanese, Spanish and German versions of Light Years because I needed that bridge in all possible languages. The Almighty Mix of this is my fave remix ever.

    Hazey is embracing the camp...

    @DJHazey - This goes into a category I like to call "Popjustice, what have you done to me?" When I first heard it I was like "Oh hell no!" but after about three plays I was bopping away unashamedly. Now I often sing it to myself out of nowhere...praying that no one hears me.

    Operatic praise and "camp as tits"!

    @Pop Gaz - Of course it’s camp as tits, and probably would have done more damage than good if released as a single (particularly with coolness of CGYOOMY to come), but it is just over-the-top brilliance! I love that despite it’s non single status that she still wheels it out on tour. Of course a brilliant, in fact amazing, vocal again, that final pre-chorus, fantastic and that operatic note at the end is a real WTF! Was in contention for my 11.

    "Classic Kylie"

    @tylerc904 - Classic Kylie. The note at the end, the Village People pastiche, and the French bits… a perfect combination in my eyes.

    @RRS - Who doesn’t love this? Classic tune! Cheesy and camp as hell, but total anthem! Absolutely love it.

    Our lowest scorer can't handle the camp...

    @2014 - utter camp, it’s really cringy.

    IRJ rebukes the "too gay" accusations...

    @idratherjack - Can a song ever be "too gay"? I have heard this accusation leveled at 'Your Disco Needs You' so many times over the years but this was an era where Geri Halliwell was scoring Number Ones with covers of It's Raining Men so I think this would have gone down OK! One of Kylie's staples now, it is testament to the power of this song that it was never a single but everyone knows it. All time classic and those operatic high notes she hits with seeming ease on tour are insane! Anyone who says Kylie can't sing see me after class and I will show you 'Your Disco Needs You' live. Total anthem.

    The gayer the better!

    @roblognick - The Casino Royale mix is infinitely superior, and even more gay!

    Well I'm not sure Andsov... how much has actually gone in Robbie?...

    @Andsov - What a song. Best thing to ever come out of Robbie (am I allowed to say that?). Perhaps the campest song in the world. It's brilliantly written, composed and produced, but I believe, hand on heart, that it wouldn't be half as good with a different performer. She owns it. It's Kylies anthem. My fave part (I'm ashamed to say) is the male choir ass-bit. You know you're in for a ride after that. Useless at Scrabble. Should have been the album title.

    Campness is an asset!

    @SloMover - Unlike 'Loveboat', YDNY takes the camp and kitsch to a level where it goes from a liability to an asset. I can see why it's a huge fan favourite but it's never been one of mine.

    Oooooooooooooh the burn!

    @SophiaSophia - The only worthy contribution Robbie Williams has truly made to music.

    "Gay national anthem"

    @Mikey1701 - Serving popper’s o’clock Village People Realness. Those operatic vocals at the end are spectacular, the chorus is fucking massive and it’s so much fun. The gay national anthem.

    @Remorque- What a great call-to-arms. This one always makes me smile with its disco-y, yet kinda threatening, tone to it. She sounds like she was really feeling this and can we just take a moment to mention that note at the end? Kylie, sis…

    EC cringes at the foreign language...

    @Epic Chocolat - Oh mon Dieu, that french bit is a bit cringy. The rest of the song is good.

    and finally let's all say congrats on Booers upcoming wedding, imagine walking down the aisle to this!

    @Booers - A modern gay classic. Brilliant sentiment and lyrics, especially the “useless at Scrabble” line. I might have to have this played at my wedding later this year!


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