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Kylie Minogue - Step Back in Time (Greatest Hits and Summer Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    Summer Tour Setlist:

    Love At First Sight
    I Should Be So Lucky
    On A Night Like This
    Get Outta My Way
    What Do I Have To Do?
    Never Too Late

    Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
    Hand On Your Heart
    In Your Eyes
    The One

    Confide In Me
    Can’t Get You Outta My Head

    Especially For You
    Step Back In Time
    Better The Devil
    All The Lovers

    Spinning Around​
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  2. The gays inspecting source code on websites dddd

    Would make for a decent title though.
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  3. If we get some pretty vinyl, reissues, solid new songs... I'll be happy. Maybe some fun new merch.
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  4. Countdowns in 2019... just release all the info when you're ready.
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  5. Why do we need ANOTHER greatest hits collection from her when 90% of it will be the same versions of songs on the last few GH collections?
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  6. Supposedly the plan was that they have been reworked.
  7. Here’s hoping that it’s not the same remixes/mixes of her songs that have been featured on her previous GH packages and that they do something new.

    She should do something similar to the Immaculate Collection. That would be nice.
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  8. Pop Precision since 1987 will be my new slogan (born in that year)
  9. Jam


    The fact that it took a second for me to work out/remember that that is also my year of birth is worrying!
  10. Oh a third thread we can moan about a greatest hits release in.
  11. thEY aRe sO I99o!
  13. Pop Precision is such an awful title if it’s true. Let’s all pray it isn’t the actual title.
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  14. So far it is pretty much confirmed that the following singles are on the release (in some form):-

    Step Back In Time
    Wouldn’t Change A Thing
    Where The Wild Roses Grow
  15. The countdown clock going anticlockwise is a nice touch - step back in time!

    Not too keen on the supposed album title though.
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It has to be a 2-disc for those to make it..
  17. I think she’s basically doing what Take That did back in the fall (to great success) - 25-30 tracks reimagined and remixed, including 3-4 new ones tacked on.
  18. Reimagined and remixed would actually obliterate my senses. Has that been confirmed?
  19. Aren’t these supposed to be the new songs (2 per CD)?

    Rose Is A Rose
    To Be Honest
    Worlds Greatest Lover
    What Do You Know

    I wonder how they will go down on the summer festival circuit.
  20. Thank god the Golden era is over.
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