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Kylie Minogue - Step Back in Time (Greatest Hits and Summer Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. She’s amazing at Glastonbury. Kylie Minogue must be protected at all costs.
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  2. ''We leave you with Miley Cyrus''

  3. OK but we need this outside of iPlayer.
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  4. Ok I’ll rephrase it

    Is she going to announce a Greatest Hits arena tour to capitalise on grabbing the attention of people (like me) who didn’t take the opportunity to buy tickets to any of her previous tours recently?
    And preferably visiting a town near me.
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  5. I just can’t express how emotional and proud I am if Kylie. This truly felt like a moment. There were several times I cried during this. It has meant so much to her, to the crowd and to us.

    I’m probably the only one that really liked Chris Martin’s inclusion. Any other time I’d have hated it, but her emotional speech built up how special it was and then seeing her and Nick Cave together was another moment. This will go down as a milestone in her career. That crowd was huge!
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  6. Five stars from Neil McCormick:

    It would be good to see Kylie's set again properly edited rather than on the fly.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    She just bought pure joy to the stage and made it look so effortless. Fab.
  8. Oh and I'm actually raging that Edith fucking Bowman did the voiceover pre performance, she has publicly slagged Kylies music off several times over. Tsk.
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  9. If they don't have a Hits arena tour announcement ready to go within the next week... seriously. I can't even fathom the amount of GP that have just remembered they loved Kylie after seeing that performance.
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  10. aux


    Out of curiosity, has Kylie ever played stadiums in the UK?
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  11. I'm not ashamed to say watching it live earlier and watching it on BBC One just now, I was crying when she spoke of 2005. Also the gif going around of her seeing the crowd for the first time, is everything.
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  12. Oh my God. 5 stars and yet:

    “cheesy disco beats”

    “All My Lovers”

    “Once upon a time it might have been considered a bit uncool to admit liking Kylie’s often cheesy brand of mainstream commercial pop. These days, at Glastonbury at least, people are ready to celebrate the full range and diversity of their tastes.”

    My point stands, this nob cannot write about pop music, it’s knuckle-gnawing
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  13. I felt so proud watching that performance on TV. We're honestly so lucky to have her.
  14. I'm now on a Kylie live DVD loop starting with my fave tour KylieX2008
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  16. All this positive reaction is making my heart skip beats, I was just so worried that the reviewers were keeping the knives sharped for her. Sky News are even bleating that she's beaten the record for biggest Glasto crowd. This has been a tremendous victory lap year, forget the minor niggles and song exclusions et cetera, we're in upswing period, let's just savour it.
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  17. I liked most everything about it except for the audio issues(The sound guys at Glastonbury should NOT be working in this industry) and sadly, her vocals, which often veered into deeply unpleasant territory. I was watching it with a couple of non-Kylie loons, and they were wincing through a lot of her vocals. I know what they mean, but I'm more used to it I guess.

    Great setlist though, and I loved the last 20 minutes especially.
  18. She really is so huge and loved in the UK, they should jump on board this and announce a Step Back In Time Global tour....she mentioned Australia but I'd love a U.S tour, meanwhile how does one watch this outside the UK?
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Seeing so many young people sing along to Better The Devil You know while I'm sure noone their age would know it over here.. was it really one of those really big hits in the UK? The kind still played at 90s parties and such?
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  20. aux


    The sound was fine at the festivals sis, it was the BBC.
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