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Kylie Minogue - Step Back in Time (Greatest Hits and Summer Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. What can I say? It was beautiful from start to finish. The crowd loved it, there was a lot of tears when she mentioned why she wasn't there for her headline slot (not just from me!). She's a real star and brought so much energy to her performance. Her vocals were strong, the showmanship was incredible and it far exceeded my very high expectations. What an icon.
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  2. Seeing Kylie and Madonna sitting next to each other in the WW Itunes album chart, makes me so happy.
    Worldwide iTunes Album Chart - 2019/06/30
    9 -2 Kylie Minogue - Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection
    10 -2 Madonna - Madame X
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  3. I was blown away every time I saw the size of that crowd.

    Teenage me loving that new single from the girl who plays Charlene in Neighbours felt vindicated.
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  4. Let's not put any ideas in Team Kylie's heads. I want a new album and one that is not going to take 4 years.
  5. It was pop perfection. Love Kylie x
  6. Ahhh I love her so much.
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  7. Well we’ve apparently got “Step Back Into Christmas” coming later this year so I’m sure she’ll do something.

    I’m so glad I get to finally see her live next month, I’m so hyped.
  8. Blubbed through the whole thing but 'All the lovers' sent me over the edge.
  9. Nope, threre was serious talk of it during the showgirl tour ( pre cancer diagnosis ) , as getting tickets were like goldust for UK dates . They thought after the oz leg they would round it off with stadium gigs in the the UK . As kylie was planning on taking a really big Chunk of time off
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  10. She did play BST Hyde Park a few years ago which is pretty much on a par with a stadium gig.
  11. Dammit, I forgot about that
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  12. Step back into Christmas???
  13. Not Dancing back in the top 40 on iTunes again.
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  14. Multiple entries on the iTunes Top 100 singles and album back up to #2 in the UK
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  15. Step back into Christmas, let's join together, we can watch the snow fall forever and ever...
  16. Fantastic taste!
  17. I swear if L***s C*****i beats Kylie to the no 1 album this week I’ll riot.
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  18. Just finished watching. Pure pop perfection!
  19. She should have asked Dannii!
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  20. aux


    The timing for a reissue campaign would be perfect.
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