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Kylie Minogue - Step Back in Time (Greatest Hits and Summer Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Mmm I think the Rolling Stones had the biggest audience... but for Sunday Legend, she may have beat them all.

    You know after this, her next studio album will be the biggest in years, let alone Step Back In Time getting to number one at some point.
    I never expected Dancing to be a “signature” Kylie song, but it is. Even my dad bloody knew it as we watched earlier.
  2. Unquestionably there is a lot of love for her out there right now. Hurrah.
  3. This was such a moment for Kylie and I’m so happy for her. Slow and All the Lovers were my favourites.

    The only glaring omissions from the set list were In Your Eyes, Wow and Get Outta My Way, I feel they would have been better received than some of the 80’s tracks.
  4. Album back to #1 on iTunes. She's really coming for a #1 debut in the albums chart with a greatest hits in 2019. Also regarding Especially for You, isn't it her best selling single after Head? Might not be one of my favorites in her PWL catalogue but i think it deserves its visibility.
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  5. SBK


    Especially For You needed someone on Jason's parts. I really thought he was going to join her... but instead "now it's your turn to sing"
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  6. I felt the same way about kids, the generally out of tune background singers weren't it
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  7. At first I was surprised Jason didn't but then I remembered he's starring in Joseph now, so I suspect she probably would have asked him but he wasn't able to...
  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I think I'm the only person who likes the 'duet with the audience' thing on this. And the audience seems to be in for it.
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  9. As much as I would have loved a setlist of Never Too Late, Got To Be Certain, Get Outta My Way and WHat Do I Have To Do, this was a joy to watch.

    Je Ne Sais Pas was a nice surprise. Bit disappointed she cut short her classic Rhythm Of Love Medley. When it stopped after Devil I was miffed.

    Having said that I really think Better The Devil needs to have a full airing at every opportunity it has classic written all over it.

    I liked the Bowiefied version of Slow and the Summerfied version of Locomotion!
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  10. Especially For You is a classic of hers, to be honest. I think it's quite poorly rated on here in that sense.
    Certainly worthy of inclusion in a show like this.

    It was just a missed opportunity to not have a duet. She could have brought out any sort of happening male artist and it would have been a big show moment.
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  11. Just wanted to come here and say, she smashed it! The crowd! I think the entire Glastonbury must have turned out, ha, WOW. This will certainly help her chances of a No.1 album next week...well deserved! Hit after hit!
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  12. Did Kylie invent the Bop?
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  14. Kylie literally destroyed all your other faves. A queen. An icon. A legend.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. We don’t speak that of that abomination.
  17. Well, Mvnl was wondering how 90s kids know the song and that's just my take. I had never heard of Kylie as a kid growing up in the 90s until she made her comeback, but I loved that song thanks to Steps!
  18. So I haven't even watched it yet and I welled up reading all your posts and realising that she did it.

    I was not gonna bother with the greatest hits but I will be picking up a copy from Tesco tomorrow because she fucking deserves it.
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  19. What???

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