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Kylie Minogue - Step Back in Time (Greatest Hits and Summer Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. It's no the original official Radio Edit @ 3:52, it might be a new one (@3:33) created for this.
  2. If their intention was people having a gay old time over Christmas to this, then they're mistaken... Confide In Me absolutely KILLS that momentum. Such a shame, a Kylie megamix could have been a provincial gay bar staple for decades if done right.
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  3. I might be late to the party, but that megamix is so bad and lazy, it actually makes me a bit angry she decided to put it out.
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  4. Let's remind ourselves how it's done:
  5. I actually really like the megamix? It’s not a revolutionary one and most of the tracks are the same but the sequencing is really well-done and some of the outlier Kylie tracks like Confide in Me dont sound so out of place anymore. It’s basic yes but a very serviceable kind of basic. Definitely reminds you of the sheer amount of hits she has amassed, and the many sounds her catalogue has traversed.
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  6. What happened to Matias Segnini? I bet he could make a killer megamix if he wanted to.
  7. All this talk of the megamix the past few weeks and this is all I’ve been able to think of! Flawless
  8. I’m generally...unimpressed...but I need someone to give me a full mashup of ‘Slow’ and ‘The One’ because that little bit in the megamix is everything I never knew I needed.
  9. I actually appreciate a shorter version of this song. I don’t hate it at all but my goodness it goes on a bit in its original album mix.
  10. They could've gone all out with the megamix and incorporated the tour and club mixes from over the years. This is pitiful.
  11. Can you fucking imagine how amazing they’d have made this?
    I cannot get over how abysmal this is. I mean. It’s like a joke soundcloud mix from some queen with GarageBand on their iPhone 6s.
    Oh Ladeh!
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  12. I was so pressed about this release but then the the one/slow mashup played and just that 1 minute made it worth it. I need a full version!
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  13. Y’all going on about this The One / Slow mix. The vocals aren’t even properly synced to the track. They’re ahead by quite a listenable margin. The basics.
    We even F9 be?
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  14. They megamix isn't the most amazing megamix in the world. Far from it. But, I will say that it's proof of just how many fantastic singles this woman has has well and truly had.
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  15. I just want F9 to redo some of her earlier singles- not this lazy ass copy and paste job. Give me What Do I Have To Do with the poppers o’clock factor cranked up to 75.
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  16. Megamixes are really hard if you don’t have all the original stems. I think that’s why the Girls Aloud and The Saturdays ones are so strong because their labels had all the masters.
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  17. Of course the icing on the cake would have been another new song added onto this set anyway...
  18. F9 is/was one half of the Freemasons, so we were all expecting SO much more than this.
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  19. Yeah, I thought it was going to be a remixed megamix.
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  20. Well, she could've easily filled the disc with the remaining missing singles and/or some rarities instead, so at least we would've had a project that feels "complete".

    (also I say "she" because it's an ongoing issue with her and with the label-change I get the feeling she's just as much to blame for some of the lazy cash-in releases as the record labels are; that said I know she will redeem herself with the next album and tour)
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