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Kylie Minogue - Step Back in Time (Greatest Hits and Summer Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Imagine paying for an SD DVD and then getting 1080 HD versions on Youtube for free?

    I recall the Depeche Mode fan base having a meltdown / boycott because they released their Delta Machine tour on DVD with no Blu Ray option, when the past few tours were Blu-Ray. It's an understandable argument, a concert should be experienced in its full glory, both sound and vision.
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  2. Again the dvd looks very good, way better than Fever/Showgirl for example (and both shows were filmed in hd even back then). To me it looks like the YouTube videos that were released in advance, but again I watched it on a Blu-ray player so it was upscaled. Also €17 for a dvd and 2 cds is a very good price. I’m more pissed she never released the Christmas show in a physical format when every single show since Intimate was released (aside from the Anti Tour).
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  3. These are sales for dvds vs Blurays in America (the biggest market)

  4. The Anti Tour would an absolute dream to have.
  5. I'm still recovering from the grainy mess that was the Ten tour DVD in comparison to the HD version that aired on MTV. Hopefully this one will be better.
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  6. I heard that BMG don't actually do Blu-Rays so we might not be getting one
  7. TMI


    What can explain that Blu-rays don’t replace DVDs like DVDs did with VHS ? Steaming ?
  8. Streaming is the obvious answer, but it's actually a little more complex.

    People had already built up a massive collection of DVDs that were playable in Blu-ray players, so they didn't feel the need to double-dip.

    The Blu-ray/HD-DVD format war at the start of the era, something that the introduction of DVD didn't have.

    Blu-rays also launched after the bittorrent era, when plugging a computer into the main household TV to watch 2GB downloaded movie files was commonplace, something that DVD beat by 5-8 years, long enough to get established in living rooms.

    You could make an argument that the industry didn't really work hard enough to convince people that Bluray was as big as the jump from VHS tapes to DVD was. The "up-rez" thing has convinced people that the quality of a DVD in a Blu-ray player will somehow improve significantly, but it doesn't really. You can see all sorts of digital errors. It's the video equivalent of playing a 128kbps mp3 in an expensive recordign studio quality speaker system and expecting it to sound better.

    Blu-ray manufacturing includes paying a patent royalty for every disc made, a significant upfront cost that DVD doesn't have, thus Blurays are less cost-effective to mass produce in the same numbers as DVDs are. That's before the additional expense of burning discs with more information on them.
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  9. There's also the argument that most of the general public really can't tell that much of a difference / nor care about quality. The lower price wins over quality. These are the same people who were content with a 96-128kbps MP3 from Limewire.
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  10. A Kylie fan dream come true. And then some.
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  11. I honestly had no idea DVD was still a massive chunk of sales. Damn.
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  12. For all me pissing and bitching about it, if BMG have made a decision that they won't do Blu-rays, I'll accept that. I understand why they'd make a decision like that, but it doesn't invalidate my disappointment. Right now I'm just uncertain whether or not to buy it on DVD only to find a Bluray quietly appears in stores after Christmas, like X2008 did, or if an HD digital version shows up for legit purchase after the televised edit airs.

    I'll prob just ask for a copy as a Christmas present.
  13. You'd be surprised how many DJ's who play to a room of 500-1000 people don't think it's a problem to play a tinny Limewire file or a YouTube video rip.
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  14. Step Back In Time, drops to #37 this week. Probably the last time in the top 40. For now anyway..
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  15. Fever was never filmed in HD....
  16. I’m pretty sure it was, but the point is that the dvd (and Shiwgirl/Homeconing too) are more blurry than the Golden one.
  17. Anyone received the DVD form the Kylie TM store? Am dying to see it yet no delivery to this young man -*sad face*
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  18. Mine arrived yesterday. Bad times for you still not receiving it. The package is nice actually - well printed and good photos inside.
  19. Glad to hear it. Really unusual with TM stores in my experience..... I suppose a symptom of modern day now now now culture but I really wanted to sit down and watch it last night or today. Will revert to the Glastonbury performance I have recorded and ignore the sound issues.
  20. If this was on bluray, I’d be buying it. DVD only? Hell no. And to think I was secretly hoping for a 4k release.
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