Kylie Minogue - Tension

Topped my Apple Music as well followed by “Tension” only 20 plays behind. I was surprised because I feel like I played “Tension” more. Maybe it’s because at some point I swapped to play from Extension.
Unsurprisingly Padam Padam topped my Spotify Wrapped.
Yep, Padam is officially top of the @WhatKindOfKylie? (chart) play counts this year. Naturally.
Darenote will have a gross profit % that they budget for with the merch and that will be factored into how much to price the products above their cost price to deliver a profitable figure after the break even point. Then someone at the merch company will have a price point that they've decided that the market will support and they'll adjust accordingly. Kylie signs off on it, or someone in Darenote signs off on it on her behalf, whether or not she's looking that close at the figures. Merch is all getting ridiculously expensive and in most cases terribly designed and people keeping buying it and enabling this.

You also can just not buy overpriced shit.