Kylie Minogue - Tension

Padam is no 4 in the Guardian’s best songs of the year
"it was a joy to hear Kylie reconnect with decidedly contemporary dance-pop rather than the nostalgia of her last two albums – the dark twang of the bassline is a very 2020s sound. Her voice is treated with a (relatively) subtle filter, making her sound like a cyborg scanning a nightclub for a human mate. There’s something almost malevolent about the way she then stalks through the chorus: a reminder of Kylie’s sometimes underrated dramatic range."

Spot. On.

“We don’t need to use our words,” Kylie Minogue reminds us near the end of “Padam Padam.” The Australian pop lifer has long been an expert at the non- or barely-verbal: the la la la of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” the yeah yeah yeah of “All the Lovers.” And she just knew this heartless year called for more hearty onomatopoeia. Pumped up by producer Lostboy’s thumping bass and engorged whooshes, Kylie didn’t just give the gays and girlies a new pop standard, she gave us a secret code. We hear it and we know. Padam. –Jesse Dorris, Pitchfork

The yeah yeah yeah?