Kylie Minogue - Tension

Same, why did they tack the standard mixes onto the Extended tracklist again when the Deluxe songs should have been remixed and extended?

It's possibly a requirement to be picked up by the charts company and the certification company for combining the sales. But the likely reason is so that when the extended mixes finish playing, you forget and leave Spotify running and they get some extra cheeky streams for the original LP too.
I wish the mold of the Disco era was just left as is and that they didn't feel the need to repeat it with Tension (and probably now every album after). It's clear that in 6 months time they'll be announcing an album re-release with new songs and another variant. I like the album overall but I haven't gone back to it as much as I'd hoped and I am sort of getting tired of these predictable extended mixes and album re-releases. Can we not just have one solid album with lots of single releases and great music videos please...
They/them, he/him
The extended mixes of Things We Do For Love, Tension, You Still Get Me High and 10 Out of 10:

Most of these extended versions just don’t work imo, the songs have lost their urgency and now sound clunky and messy.

But really interesting that towards the end of Hands Extended is Kylie’s attempt at the opening rap and she sounds fine and competent? What a strange decision to keep the demo singer.
Other than the hideous Incredible Hulk green cover I’m enjoying the extended mixes. 2023 is like the 90s in reverse - back then album versions would be slightly longer and edited/remixed for single release - now we get the opposite.

Standouts for me (aside from the singles which I have as extended on playlists since release) are Vegas High, Story, Green Light and Things We Do For Love - giving me more mileage from an amazing album.

I live in hope An Audience With gives the album/singles a bit of a boost. This is too good to let sink without trace.
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